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Riverday Spa is the best luxury spa in Dubai for massages, facials & body scrubs

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Riverday Spa is the best luxury spa in Dubai for massages, facials & body scrubs

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Riverday Spa is the best luxury spa in Dubai for massages, facials, beauty treat & body scrubs

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Best Spa and Massage center in Dubai

The Best Spa in Deira, Dubai

We possess the ability to change your life!

You must do something today that your future self will thank you for! Book a day at the Best Spa in Dubai and restore your lost energies. Make your happiness a priority as you love and take care of yourself. Our professionals will make you feel beautiful inside and look radiant outside. We provide full body massage in Dubai and other therapies, which are a blend of natural and essential elements that will take rejuvenation to the next level. We believe that feeling good is every human’s birthright. Make this one yours! Dubai Riverday Spa welcomes you to heaven on earth where you can relax, refresh and recharge. We employ highly certified and well-trained therapists who endeavor to provide you with the best of services always.

Our Massage centre in Deira, Dubai, possesses an ambiance that helps you unwind even as you step into our facility, we promise complete satisfaction and sheer magic!

Open 7 days a week, our spa encompasses a range of innovative treatment styles such as Swedish Relax Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Therapies and much more.

  • Enchanting Experiences
  • Aromatherapy

Providing customized therapies, we use branded and natural products across our treatments while ensuring the highest standards in hygiene. Dubai Riverday Spa’s massage in Dubai, is well-known for its speciality therapies and calming ambiance that makes a world of a difference with every treatment. Guests can avail of the hotel’s premium, effective and secure parking management solutions, which we know, also play a critical role in our customers’ experiences. As a five-star accommodation facility, well-trained valets will handle your vehicle with precision and bring it back, when you wish to leave. Our spa rooms encompass excellent lighting, equipment and washroom amenities with soothing music and extremely courteous staff that believes in service with a smile.

Relieve all your stresses with an Aromatherapy massage at Dubai Riverday Spa which is performed for increased relief and comes with the power of healing. Several essential and herbal oils are applied to the body, to help you relax and assist the mind, body, and soul in their healing procedure. An ancient massage technique, it was extremely popular with the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Indians, and the Egyptians. Don’t miss the chance to experience this archaic therapy along with the Russian massage at the centre for massage Dubai Marina. Even recent research has proven that this massage has the ability to minimize anxiety and promote respite from pain and inflammation. The scents and aromas used, trigger positive feelings and memories that are accentuated during the therapy.

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Best massage In Dubai


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Euphoria Unleashed

Did you know that massage therapy has the ability to treat a variety of conditions and alleviate a range of symptoms?  Perhaps one of the oldest of traditions, a massage is the practice of manipulating the muscles and other soft tissues in the human body, manually, to improve health and well-being. While it might seem like a generic term, therapists at the Dubai RiverdaySpa’s Kerala massage centre in Dubai use a wide assortment of intensities and treatments to provide you with the most relaxed outcomes. Reduce muscle tension, stimulate the lymphatic system, increase joint mobility, heighten mental alertness, and reduce anxiety and depression with our massage therapies.

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Get an exotic treatment at the Dubai Riverday Spa for a truly relaxing, rejuvenating, and memorable experience. As you begin your treatment at the hands of our experienced therapists, you will be transported to a world of absolute individualized bliss, a feeling that you never want to end.

Dubai Riverday Spa combines a skill, innovation, and expertise to bring you timeless experiences. Our visionaries aim to redefine your luxury journey to help you unwind and escape from your strenuous everyday routine and emerge victorious against tension and anxiety. Employing multilingual and multicultural staff, we provide unrivalled beauty services, bridal, makeup and massage therapies. Dubai Riverday Spa is the first of its kind and the best centre for spa massage in Dubai and comes with a longstanding reputation for quality that sets us apart. We combine both eastern and western traditions to provide unparalleled treatments that are also a potent union of modern techniques and advanced treatments.

Dubai Riverday Spa also specializes in providing customized Beauty Services and even Thai massage in Dubai. Employing a highly experienced team of professionals, who are dedicated, motivated,skilled, and well-trained, we endeavour to offer some of the finest experiences to our clients both inside and out. While using only the best products and techniques in the industry, we deliver ideal treatments to achieve exceptional outcomes. Committed to providing premier salon services of the highest possible standards, we make it a point to tailor every individual requirement taking into consideration the type of skin, hair, concerns, and preferences before commencing treatment.

Take a break and relax in our highly appealing atmosphere at the most contemporary spa in hotel Hyatt.

The atmosphere inside Dubai Riverday Spa is tranquil, adding to the exclusive location, and is open through the evening. Get pampered with a refreshing massage spa near me after a tiring day to make the most of your hard work. Every customer at our spa is considered special and therefore, gets the best out of the world of treatments that we have to offer for both men and women.


Riverday Spa’s Speciality Signature Massage therapies use natural and internationally renowned spa products that offer you a haven of Relaxation rigth in the heart of Dubai.

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