Normally, people don’t choose to move for a body massage at some stage in winters, however, therapists advise that winters are the proper season for body massages. While you speak approximately massage, its miles normally a mix of oils that supply the warmth your body prospers for and allows in blood circulate. Massage helps in relaxing and strengthening muscle tissue.

Are you simply married? Marriages and honeymoon in wintry weather are interesting, isn’t it? Relax for the duration of the honeymoon or after your tiring trip to a honeymoon vacation spot with a couple’s spa at River day spa – one of the great massage spas in Dubai and other cities.

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Are we speaking an excessive amount of about couples? In case you are single, we also have something interesting for you. Enjoy our soft-touch arms relaxing your body and relieving your ache at some stage in winters with a Female to male massage service at our spa.

So, both for a couple of massages or normal ayurvedic massage, here is why you need to take our River day salon and spa appointment in the course of the winters.

Hot chocolate massage

Chocolate is enticing, which pulls every person toward it. That is the reason hot chocolate oil massage is a perfect spa choice for winters. We at River day spa one of the great spa in Dubai and other main cities use conventional Mexican herbs combined with chocolate. This spa remedy makes you experience rejuvenation. It relieves your muscular cramps and enhances your body’s blood circulate and gives you glowing pores and skin. couples!!! It elevates your temper too. Excited? eBook your spa appointment at our River Day Spa speedy.

Abhyanga therapy

This is a spa remedy this is our Indian specialty. Other than rejuvenating your pores and skin, it allows in disposing of the ailments from the body as nicely. The Abhyanga massage at River Day Spa are performed via professional masseurs who select medicated essential oils to clear up any health trouble this is making you feel uncomfortable or any illnesses that rise up because of the wintry weather season. It’s far a powerful and relaxing spa therapy you can recall for both couple massage and normal massage at some point of iciness.

Pumpkin Nectar Face and Neck massage

Pumpkin is a warm favored item in winters. There are many spa treatments at our River day spa the usage of the mighty pumpkin. A pumpkin nectar face and neck massage is a perfect choice for wintry weather spa indulgence for couple massage and ordinary rub down. The enzymes in pumpkin consist of beta carotene and mineral salts. It is massaged for your face and neck gently. The substances absorb in the skin to balance the herbal oils secreted inside the face. It lets you stay certainly moisturized at some point in winter.


This spa treatment is specially designed for winters. At some point in the treatment, numerous medicinal essential oils are heated and poured over your body by our experts. This removes all of the impurities for your pores and skin, reduces stiffness in muscular tissues and joints which is very not unusual in winter. Your skin prospers for softness and flexibility in winter that is a really perfect massage for it. Pizzichilli is thought to be a home therapy too but a massage at River day massage spa completed by professional masseurs offers you the fine outcomes and a great deal want relaxation after a tiring shiver. The fine massage spa in Dubai, Sharjah and other towns – River day spa make use of the proper oils, ideal temperature, and soothing environment to present you the excellent experience. Why wait? Fix your spa appointment.

Cinnamon Honey body and Scrub

You’ll love this winter spa treatment. Strive it at our massage River day spa in hotels at some point in your honeymoon trips. Cinnamon and honey blend collectively and removes dry, dead pores and skin cells on your body. The scrub additionally offers your skin a whole lot-required nourishment that you could lose during cold weather situations. This one of the high-quality natural beauty treatments and perfect couples spa to loosen up for just married couples.

Shuddi Spice bath

Available on the fine Ayurvedic spas in Dubai and Sharjah – River day spa boasts to be one of them. Shuddhu spice bath is a great indulgent, relaxing, and very beneficial spa therapy. This therapy blends positive traditional spices like cardamom and cinnamon with various Ayurvedic herbs. This results in the beginning up of skin pores and it gives you a glowing skin. It offers you a warm temperature feeling, which what you exactly need in winters proper?

The value you pay for this spa is really worth the benefit you get and it is a high-quality winter spa therapy.­­­­

Almond and hot Milk Pedicure

The lactic acid in milk enables in removing the rough texture to your feet. It additionally focuses on nerve ends and a warm massage enables in decreasing anxiety from the suggestions. This therapy is given its finishing with a deep almond oil massage for your foot. Almond oil is a good natural moisturizer that changes your tough, dry, and tired toes into a totally nourished, smooth feet.

Step into the town’s excellent massage spa – River day Salon and spa and stroll out gentle and gentle.


Butter Head massage

Are you finding it tough to preserve your hair soft and nourished at some point of bloodless weather climates? Then our spa treatment – Butter head massage is the excellent treatment on the way to get shiny and strong hair. The natural oil content material in butter replenishes the missing moisture and balances the natural oils to your scalp. Our professional masseurs with their mild contact rub the butter generously in your scalp and cover it the use of soft linen. After half an hour, they massage mild shampoo to scrub off the grease.

Final words

We have given a brief gist on few popular and best massages for the winter season. Winter is harsh weather that’s the motive you have to attend for your skincare and hair care. The weather makes you stiff and puts you off-shade at positive times. To repair your fitness and your pores and skin and also your muscle mass and joints, choose the quality spa treatments offered at River Day Spa – one of the fine spa in Dubai and additionally a first-rate massage center in Dubai.

We promise you to feel nourished and Refreshed internal out at River Day Spa.

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