Body scrubs are a famous body treatment which is widely known as a facial for your complete body. It helps in exfoliating your skin and also hydrates your skin giving you a soft and smooth texture. The best body scrub at the spa is done using abrasive ingredients such as sea salt or sugar blended in massage oil that is also aromatic oil at times to give you good aroma. When the scrub contains salt it may be known as a salt body scrub, salt glow or sea salt scrub.
After a scrub, the best body treatment therapists in Dubai apply premium quality bets skin lotion or best skin care cream that keeps your skin hydrated. Body scrub at the spa is actually not a massage as body treatments at Spas in Dubai are provided by estheticians who have the license to perform such treatments on human skin. They don’t work on the underlying muscle tissue unless your best massage therapist in Dubai is a professional masseur who can massage on face, neck and shoulders.

What to Expect in a Body Scrub-

Look forward to a body scrub in a wet room that has tiled flooring with a drain. The best skin care therapist in Dubai usually provides a disposable underwear garment to you to get ready for the session.
The session progresses face-down on a message board which is wrapped with a towel, sheets or one-time-use plastic sheets or a wet towel. Don’t be surprised to see a shower over your head. It’s for your comfort, you don’t have to move around to get rinsed off after your body scrub session in Dubai.
The best therapist in a spa in Dubai begins with a gentle rub of the exfoliant over your back, arms and legs and feet. Don’t worry we care for your privacy and drape you in a towel and expose only where the scrubbing is done.
After you have enjoyed a best body scrub session, you may use the shower to rinse off. Don’t forget to rinse completely so that there no tiny granules leftover your body. Don’t use a shower gel as it is good to retain the oil and aroma in the ingredients in your skin for the next few hours. If you are at a spa in Dubai where they perform the best body scrub on a wet table then maybe the body scrub therapist will clean your skin using a hand-held shower or use a Vichy shower in the spa.
After your shower come back and rest on a clean table, and relax. You can dry off and rest with your face down back on the resting table. The beauty therapist applies oil or lotion to smoothen your skin that gives a soft texture.

Things to know before you check out body Scrubs at spas near me-

• Body scrubs in Spa in Chennai are also provided in a room that has no shower. They remove the exfoliants using steamed towels. It is also a relaxing method.
• You may book a body scrub at a salon in Dubai, where you get only body scrub service in the spa. However, body scrubs are followed as the first step before beginning the best body wrap.
• A body scrub can also be included with the best massage at massage spas in Dubai. Enjoy a body scrub before proceeding for a massage as the scrub stimulates and the massage calms your skin. There are signature skin treatments in the best spas in Dubai that offer both body scrub and massage package.
• Salt and other exfoliants could be tough your skin and inform your therapist at the spa before proceeding on your beauty treatment if you have any allergies. The sensitivity of every skin differs. If you feel any ingredient is harsh on your skin, inform the therapist immediately.
• Ask for a massage therapist if you want a massage cum body scrub session. Enjoy Body scrub and massage at the spa in Dubai as it a good beauty regime.
Scrub out all your dead cells and impurities- Refresh with regular body scrubs by checking out for “body scrubs near me”. Looking forward to hearing your body scrub experience at Spa in Dubai.

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