Riverday Salon and Spa are located across various parts of the world- We offer Best Salon and Spa services at India and we have stepped in Dubai and looking forward to your support grow and spread beauty and wellness all across the world.
Wherever we are, Our Customer Satisfaction is Our Focus. Our stylist is experts in grasping the expectations and requirements of every customer stepping into our doors. Ladies look for perfection, and our experienced stylists ensure that every woman is decked up with best hair and face makeup with the latest advanced products and beauty treatments.
Ladies who visit us for best hairstyling and beauty treatments, go back with smiles of satisfaction as our stylists are trained continuously on recent fashion statements. Our focal point is to always remain in forefront with latest best salon services and best skincare treatment.
Looking for a Best Spa and Salon Services in Dubai and other major cities – Check for Spas near me or Massage Centers near me – Locate Riverday Salon and Spa Group and get pampered and relaxed in the professional hands of stylists and therapists.
Hey Ladies !!! Let’s explore why you should visit the salon? Especially Our Riverday Group of Salon and Spa – The best Spa in Dubai and other major cities. We also hold the pride of being one of the best massage centres in Dubai and other cities.
We are an unlimited version of Best Salon in India – Check out our service to know why you must visit Riverday Spa and Salon
1. Hair Wash
Hair is the symbol of the beauty of every woman that needs regular maintenance. Trust us and Visit us, we await to maintain your beautiful hair.
Ladies visit our salon and spa for a regular wash before a hair trim or cut. Also, if you are planning for hair colouring or hair treatment, we wash your hair to cleanse after the treatment to remove all the product leftover on your hair and scalp.
Want to have the best deep conditioning treatment? We wash your hair and treat it with a deep conditioning treatment or use regular keratin shampoo or conditioning treatment. It’s your choice. We follow your requirements.
2. Blow Out
Riverday Salon and Spa are also a blow out bar where we use the best shampoo and an array of conditioning products before a good blow with the soft brushes and best dryer equipment.
Along with blow out, our experts also provide hot ironing, best hairdos and best braiding services.
3. Hair Cut
Are you planning for a stylish hair cut? Want to get the best hairstyles trending in recent times? Why wait to walk into the best salon and spa for an unimaginable latest hair cut from slight dusting to complete change over.
Our professional hairstylists use best scissors, razors and best hair cutting tools in the market.
4. Barber Services
Want to change your beard style? Looking for facial hair styling? Our Best Salon and Spa in Dubai and other cities offer beard and facial hair styling services. Our clients enjoy our best shaving services in addition to clean neck shaving.
5. Head Massage and Scalp Treatments
Our specific treatments for scalp problems or scalp massage is famous among ladies for good hair growth. Hot oil massage and similar ayurvedic and medicinal treatments help you in better hair growth and strengthen your hair roots.
6. Hair Colour
Pose Best Hair colour such as highlights, low streaks, all over hair colour by visiting the “best hair salon near me”. Our stylists recommend the best hair colour that suits your skin tone. Our hair colour services include bleaching, rainbow or color shades – pink, purple, blue, green or any other latest trending shades.
7. Hair Loss Treatments
Massages reduce hair loss. We offer various best head and scalp massages using hot oil and other hair growth treatment products. The massage ingredients are softly rubbed over your scalp with optimum pressure by our expert masseurs. The oil and herbs penetrate inside your hair follicles to increase your hair growth and prevent hair loss. Visit our salon and spa regularly for best hair spa services and hair massage services.
8. Long Hair Maintenance
Ladies with long hair, book regular visits to our salon for maintaining their healthy long locks. Our expert best hairdressers dust your hair and customize the best hair treatments such as conditioning, slight trimming to address long hair maintenance issues.
9. Braiding
Ladies who visit our salon are surprised by our best braiding services. We create an unmatchable variety of braiding such as casual short braids and extensive designer type long braids. Walkout for your special occasion with distinct braid design.
10. Hair Texture Services
Did we sound unheard? We were talking about hair perming, and best hair straightening treatments in addition to keratin smoothing treatments. We offer the best hair styling services in Dubai and India. Our Brazilian blowout is one of the sought after treatments by many ladies.
11. Natural Hair texture Change
We also offer a change of hair texture naturally. Wondering How? We do dry/wet hair cut and provide customized hair conditioner based on your hair type. Our professionals have the experience to choose the right hair treatment for your hair. Ladies, come and get styled from our best hairstylist.
12. Bridal Services
Girls, trust us on their big day. It is one big belief and goodwill we have earned out of mere commitment, and care for your beauty wellness through our expert team of stylists. It’s our pride to own the testimony of best bridal makeup, best bridal hairstyle and other bridal services. We owe all our testimonies from you pretty brides to our bridal makeup stylists and bridal hair stylists. Book us for your bridal makeup and be the dream bride you ever imagined!!!
13. Pedicure and Manicure
Are you worried about your breaking nails and damaged nails? River group offers you the best solution for your nail and hand beauty. Our stylist suggests you the best beauty remedy ranging from nail extensions to best manicure or pedicure. River group offers best pedicure services for ladies to relax their every tired leg that has been running around for the wellness of their family. We promise the best relaxation for your hands with the best pedicure in Dubai and India to pamper your ever caring hands. Ladies, walk to riverday and relax your hands and legs.
14. Eyebrow and Eye Lash Beauty
The basic reason Ladies visit any salon is for eyebrow threading. But at Riverday our customers have many more reasons to visit us with our variety of best beauty services. Our stylist is experienced in providing the best Eyebrow shaping services according to t the thickness of your brow. Do you want to get ready for a party? We do offer good party make up. But the best party makeover isn’t complete without natural best eyelash extensions. Our stylist customizes good salon eyelash extension that suits your eyes.
Threading or tweezing, our ladies relax on their seats at our salon our stylist do it painlessly. Try our best eyelash dying too it’s exciting!!!
15. Facials
Well known for best facials in Dubai and across India, our facial treatments range from natural fruits to chemical bleach and treatments.
Our facials have spread by word of mouth as best facial in Dubai. Our natural facials assure you perfect glow for a party evening and regular facials cleanse your skin deep within and give you a glowing skin tone.
Facial are face cleansers and our stylists customize it according to your skin texture, skin sensitivity and your requirement. Try our best facial for women by checking out “Salons near me” – Riverday group.
16. Body treatments
We are your one-stop for all beauty and wellness services. Our ladies regularly visit us for best waxing, both warm and hot and best body massage. Our stylist offers the best rejuvenating experience as you relax amidst the soothing music and fresh aroma.
Tanned, due to your busy routine during hot summers? Visit our salon and spa, for best body exfoliation and best tan removal treatment in Dubai. Our salon is also famous for bets micro-pigmentation in all our locations.
Body wraps for ladies is also popular at Riverday Group. Our spa services for ladies include mud, seaweed and oil body wraps for smoothening the skin and cleaning your body from dead skin cells.
Our array of body treatments include- Best Body wraps, Best Body Scrubs, Best body massage, Best Facial treatments and Best face masks. Wondering why we name them best ?? Try and feel it !!!!
17. Hair Removal
Ladies like to look clean and maintain their beauty with clear skin. Our waxing, electrolysis and laser treatments are one of the best hair removal treatments in Dubai and across India.
Ok, now that we enlisted almost most of our best salon and services, which is the major reason we have high foot ladies foot falling in our salon. You may visit our Riverday Group of Saona in the spa in India and Dubai and check out our array of beauty services and skin treatments.
Our passion towards beauty is because we believe in self-care, wellness and beauty of every woman. Our elegance towards beauty is imprinted in our makeup and hairstyling services.
Our proficiently trained experienced stylists, create artistry make up and look. Visit us and get delighted with your new makeover and rejoice your relaxed massage session at one of the best massage centres in Dubai– Riverday Group.
Riverday your Everyday Beauty Partner for Your Ladies – Riverday Salon and Spa.

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