Experts recommend various tips to if you have just booked the best massage suitable for you at a massage spa in Dubai. Here we have compiled the advices given by the professional masseurs. Let’s explore the suggestions of experts on Do and don’ts before and after a massage. Our focus is to help you in understanding the reason behind such advices.


Things to Remember Before Massage Appointment

Prior to massage therapy at a spa, do follow the following tips. The do’s and don’ts enlisted below help you in enjoying effective massage therapy:

  1. Follow Hygiene

Hygiene is important in any type of health wellness sessions, particularly when there is skin to skin contact. Make sure you take a good shower before visiting the spa for a massage. Plan in advance, particularly if you may get busy in an outdoor activity, work out or heavy sweat out work.  The massage therapist at best spas in Dubai uses premium products that negate the dirt on your skin. When your skin is clean it can absorb the goodness in the ingredients of massage media along with the essential oils that contain medicinal values.

  1. Perfumes/ Creams

Be careful if you are allergic to perfumes and creams that a therapist may use. Too much of aroma may cause allergic reactions which may act against the healing process initiated by the therapist. Inform your massage therapist at the spa about the sensitivities you have. Request them to use scents, creams and lotions with aroma and ingredients that suit you.

  1. Inform about health conditions

A Massage therapist in best massage spas must be informed with the health conditions you have. Massages have an impact on your body’s muscular, circulatory, nervous and digestive systems. It is necessary to inform the therapist about the changes in your body. Any injury, surgery or medical condition that is abnormal must be informed to the therapist as they will proceed with therapy accordingly. It is for your safety.

  1. Avoid eating before 60 minutes

After eating a short meal your blood flows to your small intestine that is in the core part of your body. This helps the blood in absorbing the nutrients in the food. As massage enhances the blood flow in your body on a large scale, food digestion may be disrupted if you go for a massage immediately after eating.

  1. Visit 5- 10 minutes early

When you arrive at the spa for massage 5 to 10 minutes early, you can enjoy the complete allotted time for your massage session.  You need to get ready before the session. When you arrive early, you will have enough time to change your dress, speak to your therapist and discuss your health. Keep in mind, in Best massage spas, the therapist adheres to fixed appointment timings as they are booked for therapy sessions continuously. So keep uptime.

  1. Be responsible when you book an appointment

Never have “No Call, No Show” attitude towards your massage therapist. Generally, a massage therapist in many spas are trained in business angle and they charge you if you take them for granted. They allow a slot for you when you don’t inform in prior or do not come in the allotted slot their business is affected and their time goes in vain.

Be responsible, as your appointment impacts a therapist time and money.  If you are unable to make it to the spa on time, inform the therapist and cancel the booking in advance.

  1. Change your Expectations according to Season

Massage sessions vary according to the climatic conditions and season. A therapist changes the procedure as per the changing nature around you. Different massaging style and therapy are used that may suit the present season appropriately. Oils, ingredients and other medicinal herbs used in the therapy vary to suit your inner body in line with the summer or winter temperatures.

  1. Medicinal Massage

Massage at the spa is good self-care therapy which helps you in finding out the systematic and organ-related problems. Plenty of medicinal therapies are available in the industry. Discuss with your therapist and choose the right medicinal massage that may help in your well-being.

Things to Remember After Massage Appointment

Once you have completed your massage therapy at the spa, here are few tips to follow for effective results for a longer duration-

  1. Follow your therapist advice

If your massage therapist has recommended for stretches, strengthening workouts, movement-based workouts, do not miss to follow them at home. It strengthens your muscles.  The therapist advises for your wellness and it boosts the massage’s effectiveness with long duration benefits.


  1. Be Active

When you are on the move it improves blood circulation and helps in feeding the tissues for a healthy body.


  1. Increase fluid intake

Make sure you take enough fluids particularly water to enhance the circulation in your body. Do not drink high sugar content drinks or caffeine drinks as it harms your body and dehydrates your body in the long run. Alcohol is a complete no after a massage.


  1. Keep a check on the changes in the body

As your awareness about the body raises, you will start experiencing the effects of massage on your body. Make sure you keep noting down the changes in your body and inform or take the advice of your therapist if you are not comfortable.  Also, make sure to inform your experience when you visit the massage spa for a regular massage next time.


  1. Keep a check on your mental and emotional changes.

Massages have an effect on your mental and emotional factors too. You may have a relaxed mind and clear thinking capacity after a massage. Emotions flow easily after the therapy. If you have any challenges emotionally or mentally, speak to your therapist, they will advise you on moving further with ease.


Massages are therapy taken for self-care and for medicinal purposes. There are a wide variety of massages – Ayurvedic massage, Swedish massage, Balinese massage, Thai body massage, Detoxifying massage, Sports massage, Synchronized massage and many more.

Any message you take to make sure to follow our expert-recommended tips for effective and long-lasting benefit.

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