One of the most challenging parts of the season is finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. It could be your mother, sister, wife, or a grown daughter – alternatively, a husband, father, or grown son. Dubai Riverday Spa believes in savouring the little and big things for a fully satisfied and cognitive journey through life. If you think providing the gift of a spa day package is clichéd – think again. Spas are the best places where individuals get to pamper themselves and spend some alone time. Gift a Spa in Dubai Package at Dubai Riverday Spa, Deira, to your loved ones and make their day! This is also the perfect gift for someone who seems to have had it all and you do not know what to present them. Generic, last-minute purchases are not often satisfactory. Allow your loved one to rest and recover from the stress with a much-need spa package treatment. Experience the feeling of elation especially when the gift is a spa package.

Why gift a spa package?
Whether you are a man or a woman a relaxing day at the spa is the best gift you can ever get.

Getting Pampered
Especially if you are a busy mom, you definitely deserve a little pampering, once in a while. Treat the mother with a spa day and let her experience the finest pampering at Dubai Riverday Spa. It could be a massage, a facial, body wrap, pedicure, or a combination restorative package.

Pain Relief
Complaints of back and neck pain can be relieved easily with a relaxing spa and massage therapy. Any health condition or soreness can be addressed successfully with the right kind of treatment. Alleviate muscle pain, treat tingling, numbness, and joint inflammation when experts at the Dubai River Day spa use light, moderate and deep pressure to ease aches. Each therapy is tailormade to fit your constitution.

Certainly, a spa package includes a range of treatments that stimulate blood circulation and infuse a youthful appearance. Let your loved one experience the gift of anti-aging through a facial or a complete massage package to look and feel younger. All greys and wrinkles are eliminated as you get an ageless manicure, pedicure, and salon service.

Couples are welcome
For couples who are busy and don’t get enough time to spend with each other, must opt for a couple’s massage or a schedule for two. Both of you get special treatment, in the midst of which you can catch up on lost conversations, share laughs, and even remember the times. Forget the days’ worries as you focus on the love and bond that you share with each other.

One of the biggest drawbacks of our fast-paced lives is our inability to loosen and let go. There are several spa treatments available at  Spa in Dubai , Deira that can release all your anxiety and stress, helping you relax completely. With our treatments, you can improve your sleep and see a marked enhancement in your cardiovascular health.

Package Ideas from Dubai Riverday Spa
River Signature Packages (5 hours)
There are two sub-packages available under the signature brand. Both packages include Foot Reflexology, Thai Massage, Head Massage, Facial, and food – both veg and non-veg. One of the packages priced lower does not include the coffee scrub. If you are vying for a four-hand massage, you must try the slightly high-priced package to make the most of your treatment.

River Beauty Treat (180 Mins)
Lasting for at least 180 minutes, the therapy involves a combination of massages. But if you so wish, you can opt for just one type of massage lasting about 90 minutes. You get your favourite branded products for a facial of your choice that also lasts for 90 minutes.

River Time to Shine (150 Mins)
Shimmer your way out when you get Dubai Riverday Spa, Deira’s Time to Shine package involving a body scrub lasting for about 30 minutes, 60 minutes of relaxing massage, and a luxury gold facial that lasts for about 90 minutes.

River Spring Awakening (120 Mins)
Get a detox body scrub lasting 30 minutes along with a deep tissue massage for about 90 minutes. The entire treatment will release the stresses and aches in your body as the soft tissues are manipulated during the session.

River Get to Glow (90 Mins)
Return the lost glow and brightness in your body and face when you get a pearl facial for about 60 minutes with a back massage lasting 30 minutes.

River Time to Rejuvenate (90 Mins)
With a powerful combination of the body scrub, back therapy, and mini facial from our experts, you are bound to feel rejuvenated during and after the treatment.

Spa Package in Dubai Highlights
Foot Reflexology
Make the most of your spa package with Dubai Riverday Spa’s exquisite foot reflexology treatment that focuses on the nerve centers of your foot, stimulating blood circulation across various areas of your body. The Zone therapy uses specific finger, hand, and thumb massage techniques supported by special herbal oils. It is also ideal for those suffering from edema.

Deep Tissue Massage
Knots in the body caused due to stress and overwork of the muscles are released when you get a deep tissue massage from our experts. Fascial and chronic joint pains are also assuaged as healing is promoted with increased blood flow. The treatment induces better sleep with the additional secretion of serotonin.

More time
While most facilities do not allow much time for the customer to experience the benefits of a massage, Dubai Riverday Spa, works differently. The massage processes are comprehensive, longer, and designed to relax your tissues with the help of sustained pressure. Our therapy experts apply slow, deep strokes to target the inner layer of the muscles. Scar tissues formed due to injury are broken down as is muscle tension. Each of our packages is meant to leave you completely transformed.

Gift a Spa package for your loved ones and see them glow with happiness!

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