Massage therapy has been offered in different styles according to the specific needs of the clients. Trigger point massage is one of the most effective ways to get relieved from pain naturally. Trigger point massage treatment provided by certified professional therapists in the best spa in Dubai helps to alleviate chronic pain by addressing the root cause.

What is Trigger Point Massage?

Myofascial trigger points are tense, painful areas of the muscles. These tend to affect fascia and muscles and may be found anywhere in our body. Trigger points are the most common cause of chronic musculoskeletal pains (also known as myofascial pains). Myofascial trigger point therapy or trigger point massage is the exclusive treatment of myofascial trigger points that are present in our muscles and fascia.

Certified and experienced massage therapists in the reputed massage and spa in Dubai are capable of releasing such tense and painful points in the muscle. The treatment helps to achieve long-term results. Treatment of trigger points includes two techniques, namely, manual trigger point massage therapy and dry needling.

How Does Trigger Point Massage Therapy Work?

Trigger points are painful, sore spots or knots found in our muscles. Being sensitive, these knots, when subject to pressure, tend to produce pain in some other part of the body. A trigger point massage treatment offered by the certified therapists in the best massage spa in Dubai helps to treat this condition.

The massage professionals first identify the knots and then provide treatment to release them, thus reducing the pain associated with them. Muscle knots or sore spots may occur in anyone’s body – these are caused by factors such as too much use of aspecific muscles, poor posture, or injuries.

The trigger point therapy aims at softening or releasing a muscle knot to eliminate or reduce the pain associated with the knot. This is performed by applying various levels of pressure to the sore muscle or knots, and then stretching the impacted areas using a complete range of motion. Locating the trigger point requires expertise. The trained professionals in the best spa in Dubai have this skill and experience.

The Common Parts of the Body That Can be Treated by Trigger Point Massage

 Upper back
 Lower back
 Shoulder
 Thigh
 Buttock
 Calf
 Arms

Exclusive Benefits of Trigger Point Massage Therapy

1. Body pain is significantly reduced

Trigger points may create a lot of problems in our bodies. They tend to refer pain to remote locations in our body and may mimic various medical conditions such as migraines, tendonitis, and chest pain.
Trigger point massage therapy provided by the top-rated massage and spa in Dubai will help people who suffer from myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome. A significant reduction in pain is experienced. This therapy helps to alleviate all types of pains full body massage in Dubai

2. Flexibility and range of motion are improved

Due to pain, people tend to have a reduced range of motion and flexibility. Trigger point massage sessions at the best massage spa in Dubai will help to release muscle tension while significantly improving the flexibility as well as the overall range of motion. This ensures that in addition to pain relief, overall wellness is also achieved.

3. Severity and frequency of headaches are greatly reduced

Tight neck and upper back muscles are often the sources of headaches. By treating these parts effectively, trigger point massage therapy helps to decrease headaches.
Patients who suffer from chronic headaches may approach the massage therapists at luxury spas in Dubai. They are evaluated completely for identifying the underlying cause of the headache. When this cause happens to be muscular, they can be treated using trigger point massage; it results in fewer headaches. Trigger point massage treatment proves to be more effective over the long term for patients with chronic headaches.

4. Temporomandibular Joint Pain can be eliminated

People may suffer from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) which leads to pain. A combination of multiple factors may trigger the manifestation of TMJ disorder. This disorder may not only result in pain in the joint and the surrounding areas but also in several other medical conditions.
Trigger point massage treatment for TMJ disorder helps to relieve the excruciating pain in the jaw and other areas. Experienced massage therapists help to restore normal muscle balance and tone between the TMJ muscles, releasing the tension in the jaw muscles body massage in Dubai
First, they touch and apply mild pressure on the muscle to relax it. Then they press a finger firmly onto the tissue for identifying the tense area and apply intense pressure to the trigger points. This type of kneading helps to release the tension and bring the muscle fibers to normal. The full-day spa packages in Dubai offer this service as well.

5. Relief from Low back pain

All the best massage and spas in Dubai usually have trigger point therapy for treating low back pain in their services list. This type of pain is becoming very common in the modern world. Due to prolonged sitting and postural mistakes, people often tend to develop issues in their spine, especially in the low back area.
Massage therapy is an effective way to help those who have low back discomfort. It also prevents the problem from getting severe. Not just physical reasons, negative emotions are associated with low back pain as well. Whatever the cause, trigger point massage therapy is a great way to relieve pains and problems related to your low back.

6. Heel pain can be considerably reduced by trigger point massage treatment

Heel pain, known as plantar heel pain in the medical parlance, can be greatly reduced by following a trigger point massage therapy regimen. The physical function is significantly improved while the patient finds a greater decrease in pain in the heel area.
Specialized therapists at the best massage spa in Dubai can help you with the specific massage technique that suits your condition and brings significant relief from the pain.

Trigger point massage treatment helps to relieve pain from various parts of the body. It facilitates better alignment and range of motion while increasing flexibility. The qualified therapists at the top massage and spa in Dubai are capable of providing effective trigger point massage treatment that alleviates pain.

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