Have you remained silent when a massage gave you pain? According to various studies many of the spa goers feel the worst experience at spa is about the pain caused due to therapies and treatments. That is a point to note because you generally visit a spa for relaxing and not to increase your pain factor.

Ok, let’s find out why? To begin with, there are many inexperienced individuals who are getting their massages done for the first time. They might be at the spa for the first time because a friend gifted them a spa gift card or they have just heard about spa services in dubai, spa services in sharjah and spa services in deira. They may not be sure on what to expect at spa and they may not have enough knowledge about how a massage make them feel. They rest on the massage table with doubts and queries.

When the therapist performs the massage little deeper the first time spa customers assume that the therapist is an expert and don’t want to poke in-between the session. They refrain from saying anything as they feel it sounds odd. Even when the therapist enquires if the pressure level is ok, they simply reply its fine. But actually what they mean is they can handle it for an hour,. But please understand massages needn’t be painful. Though certain technique may be uncomfortable if there is pain there is mismatch between what you need and what your therapist is offering.

So, now what should you do if the massage is hurting?

Speak Up

A professional massage therapist in dubai can understand your body language but definitely it is not possible for them to read your mind. A massage is a therapeutic partnership so if it is painful or hurting you must immediately speak up. If the complete pressure is going to in-depth just tell “could you please reduce the pressure?” if the entire pressure is fine but one particular spot is very soft and the pain is intense in that place – again you may inform the therapist that there is a slight more pain in that part than other places. Each client is different so the therapist does what is common but if you want it differently you can always ask for it.

There is also two different things good and bad pain. For starters massage usually isn’t painful. You are just beginning to know about yourself and your body’s pain and needs. However at times therapies may be performed little deeper for a particular muscle to relax. It may give slight discomfort for short while not an intense pain, it will get better after sometime. So it is bearable.

Finally, few people expect a lot from a single massage. Some guest look for a miracle to happen in just one-hour and insists the therapist to use more pressure. Please remember too much of pressure or too little pressure may not give any miracle in just an hour, you will feel relaxed and better with the right pressure that suits your body. Regular massages can definitely give you a promising miracle. So book for regular massage sessions at spa.

Choose the Type of Massage

When you pick the massage from various massages in the list you may be attracted to a massage center in dubai without giving a thought about the pressure involved in it. Swedish massage are quite famous in the spas nearby and they don’t give you much pain as other massages.

They tend to boost relaxation and the pressure level changes from therapist to therapist. So ask for the pressure level you are comfortable in.

Deep tissue massage concentrate on in-depth muscle structure and loosens the fascia. The motions are same as Swedish massage but some concentrate on knots and more pressure is involved. Deep tissue massage may not hut much but it necessarily needn’t be comfortable too. You may experience soreness too after the completion of the massage session. Few eastern massage practices include more pressure than the usual Swedish massage in dubai which may be hurting for people with sensitive muscles and skin.

If you are quite sensitive about deep pressures and If painful massages are worrying, you may choose Swedish massage instead of deep tissue massage in dubai or other intense therapies.

How regular you should get a Massage

Massage are highly effective when you get them done regularly, so the muscle tissue practices to get relaxed and respond to the strokes of the massage. But as per research around 60 percent of the people around us get only 1 to 4 massage in dubai in a year. One or two massages in a year is absolutely not sufficient to get recovered from chronic tension which most people suffer from.

If you book for at least two massages in a month you are good to go. It improves your muscle strength and your overall wellness. If you feel any tension in your muscles during regular massage sessions you may inform the therapist they will attend to it according to the requirement.

Final Words

Massages needn’t be painful at all times. If it is painful you may immediately inform your therapist. Spas in dubai have professional therapist and masseurs who are well trained on what kind of pressures and stroke is to be applied depending upon the requirement of the client. If there is a deep muscular pain, slight pressure may be applied which at times may be intense to cure than muscle strain. It may pain for few minutes but will definitely be an effective cure and the pain will fade away. So relax and enjoy your time at spa in dubai, spa in deira, spa in old dubai. Spas nearby you offer various therapies every therapy has different pain levels and stroke patterns. So choose the right treatment by enquiring about the therapy used and the pain level you can bear. Therapies with moderate and no pain are apt for beginners. If you a regular spa person you may choose advanced spa treatments.


No Pain No gain, so just balance with slight pain here and there but overall relaxation.

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