Let the music go on, definitely, our everyday routine is tiring. There must be a lot of stress you deal with at the workplace, at home and around you. So a spa day is a much-needed break. Maybe you are travelling a long distance to take a break and spend your holiday at the spa or just going down the hill outside the city for breathing some relaxed air at the spa in Dubai, there are certain things to remember. You must double-check whether the spa you have booked has licensed professionals including the aesthetician and massage therapist. It is essential that the staff are experts and well-trained. One major aspect many of us don’t give priority to is what we eat a day before we head to a spa or on the spa day. Let’s check out some of the items you must eat or drink and some items you need to avoid just before heading for a spa day. This will help you in having a blissful spa day experience body massage in Dubai

What To Eat:

• Berries: All varieties of berries boosts your health with some fast and natural energy. The little quantity of natural sweeteners adds slight energy boost and the antioxidants and omega 3 fast enhance the body’s capacity to work out the toxins that are shed while undergoing spa therapies such as deep tissue massage. In fact blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are mouth-watering berries to eat and enjoy as well.
• Vitamins & Minerals: You want to feel assured that your body is fed with necessary nutrients particularly if you aren’t receiving the required nutrition through the foods you consume in a day. If you eat light then think about Thrive patch which will help in nutrient absorption in your body through a patch over your skin. This one of the best choice to use in when you head for a spa day.
• Yogurt: Yogurt is one of the best sources for getting necessary probiotics and protein all in one stretch. It is lightweight food which gives a tummy full feel and also keeps your stomach happy and chilled.
• Granola: Granola is a food item that is filled with health benefits and moreover it is not a heavy food too. Granola is best when combined with berries and yoghurt. It is a great choice for breakfast or just too much as a snack.
• Green Tea: Try your best to avoid caffeine however if you really thrive for a coffee try to quench your thirst for a hot drink with a green tea. It is a soothing drink that gives you an energy boost as well. The caffeine will tend to remain in your system steadily for a long period.
• Salads: Salads are a great pick to enjoy good nutritious food without getting too heavy on food. Salads are quite easy to take in varieties from Cobb salads to Caesar, you can combine all that you crave for and still have a healthy meal. Try to get a balanced bowl of all nutrients with a perfect salad combination massage centre in Dubai

What Not To Eat:

• Caffeine: Most of the spas don’t provide coffee as a welcome drink as it has potential negative effects in your body and mental health. Try to keep away from caffeinated drinks as much as possible.
• Sweetened Foods: Sweets are definitely good to eat but when taken more than the recommended amount can lead to gastrointestinal distress. It is advised to plan your indulgence some other day and take fruits if you have to thrive for some sweetness.
• Beans: this is a bit uncommon to get on your way during a spa day plan however make sure to keep it away as it may cause flatulence. If you want no embarrassing moments and excuses when your masseur is busy massaging you gently, remember to have no eye on bean dip before a spa day.
• Red Meat: Red meat tends to give you a sluggish feel and make you feel full. It takes more time to digest too.

Final Word

It is recommended to eat more proteins like nuts, fish and also chicken breast. Spa days are meant to relax and refresh. So to reap the complete benefits of a spa day and the therapies at spa make sure you understand the goodness of whatever you take in on a spa day and after and before a spa day. It is necessary to be mindful of what you eat to enjoy the opportunity to pamper yourself. Your spa day gets better and you feel more relaxed when your stomach is happy and is given enough nutrients for the perfect functioning for your internal organs full body massage in Dubai
Be mindful of what you eat and enjoy a handful of benefits at a spa day.

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