Most of us get facials done for varied reasons- Few people may want to get away with the dirty blackheads, others may seek certain-anti-aging regimen. Few others may want to get a facial just to feel pampered and relaxed.

These are a few well-known reasons for booking a facial appointment at the spa. But at most of the situations facial by itself is slightly mysterious. What good does the steam do? What is miraculous behind the application of cream and removal of the product? What is the purpose of regular facials?

A facial is more importantly a multiple benefit skin therapy that is an ideal way to maintain and pamper your skin. A facial helps in cleaning, exfoliating and nourishing your skin. It also helps in enhancing a clear, perfectly-hydrated tone and also gives a younger look to your skin. You may also benefit from the professional advice from the spa therapist on how to maintain your skin. A facial is perfect when you choose it as a part of a continuous skincare routine massage centre in Dubai

It is essential to pick an experienced, expertized, licensed aesthetician who has undergone specific training for skincare and has sufficient knowledge about skincare, skin health, and therapies. A therapist who is fastidious and passionate about spa therapies will be able to focus more on what suits you best and work out a perfect combination of spa treatments and therapies. Legally, facials are performed only by cosmetologist but their major focus of training is in the hair so they may not be the right choice. Nowadays, there is also an emerging trend of the therapist being dual-licensed where the same person is given both massage and facial license. Check out if you could enjoy a facial at a hotel spa specifically if you want to spend some time and relax with a good facial done by a professional therapist.

Facial one of the bets and popular spa treatment next to massage.

The Basic Procedure of a Facial

• Consultation
Usually a facial must start after consultation. You may have to fill in the details in a form about various skin problems or issue you are facing, describe your food intake, amount of water you consume, drugs and supplements you take in and cosmetic products you are using. Retin-A and few other medications may have an effect on your skin so the esthetician recommends the treatment based on the drug you take. On a common scenario, the esthetician may just enquire about the skin issues you are facing and whether you are taking any drugs like Retin-A.
• Preparations
Generally, the esthetician provides a wrap that covers your body and below your arms then the Velcro helps in completely wrapping. The therapist steps out of the room so that you can get it done in privacy. Few of them undress completely before getting wrapped up, some prefer wearing their pants and some choose to wear their inners and loosen the straps. It is a mere individual preference. Certain spas instruct to remove all the dress completely and get hidden within the sheets. The esthetician advises you the protocol based on the spa.
• Cleansing
Normally, the esthetician begins with a wrap around your hair using a towel or headband to secure the hair from the products used on the face. To begin with, a complete cleansing process is done with the help of cotton pads, the esthetician wipes away the dirt or sponges the excess oil in your skin. Many spas follow double cleansing before a facial treatment.

• Skin analysis and cleansing

Based on whether you have done any makeover the esthetician analyses your skin below a sharp light or gets your eyes covered and checks the skin tone and skin type using a sharp lit magnifying light. This helps the esthetician in determining the actual skin type (dry skin, oily skin, a combination of both, sensitive skin or normal skin) and skin condition ( acne, blackheads, whiteheads, aging, sun-tan, dehydration). The esthetician then picks the right products and chooses the apt therapy for your skin and takes your concurrence before proceeding on the facial treatment at a spa in Dubai.

• Steam
Generally, facials utilize a device that flows out a mild vapour of hot steam over your face. This helps in relaxation and softens your blackheads and whiteheads for easy removal. If your skin too sensitive, the esthetician may avoid using steam.

• Exfoliation
Exfoliation of the skin is done with mechanical and chemical ingredients. Mechanical exfoliate comes with a grainy texture that removes the layer of dead skin. This variety of exfoliation is done usually while giving steam exposure. Chemical exfoliation is done with enzymes and acids to loosen the skin cells bond. Soft enzyme therapy can be performed while giving steam exposure. Powerful chemical peels, which comes in different intensity is a distinct treatment or comes with a facial package. It is usually not an upgrade but done on a routine basis.

• Extractions
This is the pulling out blackheads or whiteheads if your skin is affected due to it. Each one of your pain tolerance level changes while extracting. This process gives more inconvenience if your skin is thin or ruddy. Extractions may lead to discolouration or breakage of capillaries if not done properly.
• Facial massage performed with the help of right strokes such as effleurage helps in relaxing you and helps in stimulating your skin and face muscles.

• Facial mask
A mask is focused based on your skin type (dry, oily, combination, sensitive or mature) and skin condition. While getting a facial done, the esthetician generally stays back in the room to give you a scalp massage or other spa service. If they move away from the room, you lie on the therapy table relaxing your mind and body.

Final application

Finally, get toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen products applied if you have chosen hot sunny spa day at day massage in Dubai.

Home skin care tip
The esthetician will advise you a few tips on how to take further care of your skin and may recommend few products that may suit your skin based on the skin analyzation done at the spa. Few of you may feel uncomfortable with the product recommendations but it’s their job to advise the best product for face and it’s your choice to decide whether to pick or not. So relax!!

Facials come in different types at various day spas but the prices may go to peaks at the hotel spa, resort spa or destination spa. The specials masks and wraps used may also be a reason for the price hike.

How regular must you get a facial?

This depends upon the skin type of a person. It is recommended to get a facial monthly as it is an ideal duration for skin regeneration. Try to book a facial appointment at the spa and do visit a spa massage in Dubai at least four times a year. This is because it is advised to get a spa facial as the season changes. You may get a routine facial done regularly if you want to get clean skin or want to cleanse your skin. Any special skin condition treatment may also compel you to get a regular facial at the spa. Never overdo facials especially if you have sensitive skin as it may damage your skin too.

Different spa facials- confusing?

The various spa facials listed in the spa menu may confuse you and you may stand puzzled without knowing which one to pick. Are you in need of an anti-aging facial, an oxygen facial, deep-cleansing facial, anti-whitening skin peeling facial or any other facial? Don’t get stressed too much. Names may sound quite confusing. Talk to the aesthetician, ask about the benefits it may give your skin and also check out if it is recommended for your skin. Any facial that suits your skin and gives optimum benefit for skin is the ideal choice.

Facial help in getting the right glow for your skin, but choose it with enough knowledge about it and seek advice from professional Thai massage in Dubai that guide you choosing the right treatment and perform therapies only with the help of licensed esthetician and cosmetologist.


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