You don’t have to be an athlete to get a sports massage.

Sports massage was found to support athletes get their body all set for the optimal race, rejuvenate after a stressful event or to be active while taking training sessions. But, contrary to the name, you needn’t be a sport’s person to get a sports massage. Sports massage focuses on preventing and healing of injuries caused in muscles and tendons and can help you if you have any injury, chronic pain or limited range of motion.

During a sports massage, the massage therapist at Spa usually focuses on a particular issue that you complain, which is related to certain sports activity like running, tennis or soccer. The main aspect of sports massage is that you must look for a specifically-trained masseur who has expert knowledge of different types of techniques and has professional training in implementing them. Early days, many spas nearby used to include sports massage in their menu just to attract men. As spas have turned out to be luxury spas and sophisticated space, now days have come where sports massage is included only if there is a trained expert in the field.

Many – Spas in Dubai, and International we offer a complete array of therapies for athletes which include sports massage and cryotherapy. Many spas nearby have dropped it from their menu as it is not their core philosophy. In case, you don’t find sports massage in the spa menu of the best spas in Dubai you may choose an alternative after discussing your requirement with the therapist.

What to look for in a sports massage?

Sports massage therapies may perform different types of techniques to fulfil the desired goal. There four different varieties of sports massages:

• Pre-event sports massage– a small session which includes a massage to stimulate for about 15 to 45 minutes just before the sports event. It is focused on the body parts that will be used in the exertion.
Post-event sports massage– It is performed within one hour or two hours after the event to bring the body tissues to normal condition.
Restorative sports massage– It is usually planned while following a training session to increase the training capacity of the athlete and train harder with less space for injury.
Rehabilitative sports massage – It focuses on alleviating the pain caused because of an injury and this helps in recovering the physical health.

The therapist may perform Swedish massage for stimulating the blood and lymph circulation and use point therapy to break the knots in muscles i.e. adhesions and include stretches to enhance the range of motion. Few other therapies are myofascial secretion, craniosacral treatment, lymphatic drainage and orthopedic test. The therapist must also be trained in hydrotherapy variations which includes cryotherapy and thermotherapy which will aid in recovering, repairing and healing treatments.

When to Book for Sports Massage at a spa?

A sport is an ideal pick if you are suffering from a particular issue- a tender knee due to running for an example. It is also the right choice to look for a movement therapist who may analyze and set right the movement position that may be the primary reason for the injury.

The therapist usually concentrates in the painful area- a frozen neck or pulled hamstring for example- instead of performing a full body massage. At times men who are fresh to the spa are more convenient in getting a sports massage as it kind of sounds masculine to them. They may go ahead, even if there is no injury.

Irrespective of the choice of massage you opt, the therapist may discuss with you about all your needs and expectations from the spa massage in Dubai

Sports is also an interesting spa career choice for a therapist who wants to take up the spa therapist as a full-time career option. Professional sports teams usually include a massage therapist in their staff team to maintain the athlete’s body and to enhance their performance. It aims in having a keen interest in anatomy and physiology, expert training and experience in sports massage and it also increases your interest and desire to work along with the best athletes across the globe.

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