Mental health is the baseline of your overall health. It is central to your health and affects it in ways more than you may ever realize. Most people place their state of happiness and well-being into circumstances or in other people’s hands and as a result feel powerless. In fact, it’s a research-backed fact that stress can cause you digestive issues, headaches, back pain, or any number of other physical symptoms.

Mental health could be due to stress, lifestyle changes, imbalance between personal and professional life or any other thing, but the key lies in taking charge of it. Doing so indirectly equips your body with the ability to respond to challenging situations in most effective ways. Here are a few ways to destress and pep-up your life.

1. Connect with Nature, if Possible
The best way to de-stress during these stressing times is by getting outside. Research has also shown that going outdoors is good for both physical and mental health. Studies have also proved that spending time near ‘green spaces’ such as parks and ‘blue spaces’ such as near waterfronts reduces anxiety and depression and improves mental health.
A study in the journal Environmental Research showed that people who practiced ‘forest bathing’ also known as ‘shinrinyoku’ had reduced risk of heart diseases, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduced risk of diabetes, lower heart rate and reduced mortality and death from heart disease. The interesting part however is that these benefits are not just because of the sunshine or air quality during forest bathing. The benefits could be through the chemicals called Phytoncidesthat trees release. Studies have shown that people who spent more time outdoors had better immune system and more immune cells called natural killer cells.

2. Breathe
It’s hard not to feel anxious or probably depressed during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Several studies have shown that meditation can reduce these symptoms and many even change the brain volume. Another meditation therapy, Mindfulnes-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), developed by JonKabat-Zinnat UMass, can also help. Many organizations are offering this as an eight-week program also online.And if meditation is not your thing, just breathing slowly can also help. A study has also proved that controlled breathing can calm the mind. Slow, controlled breathing has been used for many centuries to calm the mind and also to suppress excessive arousal such as panic attacks. So, controlled breathing is definitely a good idea during these times.

3. Get some sleep
It’s all about brain chemicals! Sleeping keeps your brain regenerated and rejuvenated and fills it with happy brain chemicals. Not sleeping well can contribute to stress, develop mental health issues or exacerbate the existing ones.

4. A relaxing Massage
Massage has been considered the best de stressing technique since centuries. It’s a great way to soothe your muscles, nerves, tissues and contribute to the internal health of your Body. Though it’s quite possible to do this on your own and at home, an expert massage could do wonders. We at Riverday spa is one of the best Massage center in Dubai and several parts of India that’s quite popular for its extraordinary services. We offer a variety of massages like Thai Massage in Dubai, Foot reflexology, Deep tissue massage, Head Massage, Balinese Massage, head massage and sports massage in Dubai. River day spa is located at the heart of Dubai and is located at a splendid location that adds to the reason why its the best massage center in Sharjah. It’s one of the best Kerala massage centre in Dubai that offers you services at an affordable price , but in an exuberant style!

Have any questions about stress? Ask our experts to know the best way to destress and we’re happy to guide you towards a healthy life and Well-being!

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