Heard of a couple’s massage therapy? Well, this is a popular type of massage technique that can be a great way to enhance mental, physical, and your relationship! Many choose this type of massage as a part of a day of romance with a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend!
This has become a popular way of celebrating Valentine’s day and can be a great way of relaxation and bonding. Need more reasons to choose a Couple’s massage in Dubai this valentine’s day? Read ahead.


A great massage can release the hormone Oxytocin that creates feelings of affection and love. A couple’s massage in dubai can literally create love in the air and increases bonding!

A healthy way to celebrate

Instead of snacking junk food at restaurants or munching at a theatre, a relaxing couples massage could be a healthy way to destress and slow down on this special day. As a matter of fact, what’s more, memorable than a relaxing experience with your loved ones!

Help you declutter

If you are someone who prefers the value of experiences better than material objects, then a couple’s massage in Dubai is the best gift you give to your loved ones. Fancy an ambient place with a perfect massage with your loved ones and you can be assured that there’s no better gift than this!

Tips to make your Couple’s massage more relaxing

If you are planning your couple’s massage at home, how would you make the most of your massage experience?

Plan your Food and Drinks

You can complete your valentine’s day special by either planning delicious treats or by ordering a Valentine’s Day meal and getting it delivered to you. It’s best to consult your therapist on the optimum amount of food before and after a couple’s massage is taken.

Choose a Comfortable place

It’s best to choose a comfortable private room that has space for both the massage tables and enough space for the therapists to move. Check if you have control over your room heat, the temperature and if you can adjust it as and when necessary. You may close the windows if necessary!

Set the right mood

Set the lighting of the place. Choose mild lighting as a bright overhead light can disrupt the mood. You can Turn off the overhead and use dimmers to dim light about halfway.
And not to miss the music! Usually, Therapists bring their notes, but you may add your style and play your own music if you wish. Scents also help you relax. A scented candle or diffuser is a great mood enhancer. Experiment with Scents and get the mood right!

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