Summertime is here which means everyone is looking to wear more comfortable and shorter clothes. This calls for smooth, youthful, and radiant-looking skin. And this requires the removal of excess, unwanted hair which will give that smooth, cleaner look that we all yearn for. You can get that look at the best Spa and Massage Centre in Dubai. Using the razor every day to get that flawless skin is painful, time-consuming, and detrimental to the skin prompting us to find new ways to get the results we want.
Waxing is considered one of the best methods of removing excess, unwanted hair. Book an appointment at the best Spa and Body Massage in Dubai to get that luxurious and incredibly smooth skin. From the eyebrows and lip waxing to full legs and bikini, we can do it all. At the best Spa and Massage Center, we use only the best products are used which are specifically formulated so as to not harm the skin.

Besides the confidence that comes with a silky smooth skin post-waxing, Waxing has a lot of advantages:

a. Longer Lasting Results

Since the hair is pulled from the root in the case of waxing the skin will remain smooth till new hair follicles reach the skin surface. This takes about 3 to 4 weeks which is the average time between two waxing appointments. This means you can enjoy that smooth, glossy look for a couple of weeks. Once you start waxing consistently, you will also see less re-growth. On the contrary, while shaving, the hair shaft is cut only on the skin’s surface, causing it to grow back quicker leaving the skin feel rough and abrasive.

b. Exfoliation

When the wax is applied to the skin and then removed, it peels away any excess dead cells with it. This improves the skin texture. Try the best Spa and Massage Center in Sharjah which uses natural products to remove the dead skin gently, which will make the skin feel smoother and brighter.

c. Saves Time and Money

Since the hair takes longer to grow back in the case of waxing, you can enjoy smooth skin for a longer period. This saves you time compared to shaving where you have to wield the razor more frequently. Also in the case of shaving more money is spent on replacing the razors and shaving cream.

d. More Fine Hair Growth

The hair which grows back after a wax is soft, finer, and thicker, unlike the rough, stubbly hair regrowth that occurs after shaving.

e. No cuts and Minimal Bruising

A bid advantage of waxing over shaving is that you are less prone to get cuts or bruises. At the nest Spa and Massage Center in Dubai, you can get completely painless and professional waxing done in a couple of minutes.

f. Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hair is when the hair grows back down into the skin instead of up and out. When done accurately, waxing lessens the chance of ingrown hairs.

Waxing is our Specialty. Book an appointment with Riverday, the best Spa and Massage Center in Deira to get the best body or facial waxing.

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