Ayurveda is a signature and oldest healing system that originated in India. It follows a holistic approach to cure ailments and emphasizes achieving a balanced state of body, mind, and consciousness. Ayurveda largely relies on lifestyle changes, diet, herbal remedies, and massages to improve health. Kerala Ayurvedic massages are performed using several concepts and procedures. These massages use herbal oils which provide health benefits. Following are the 11 top Kerala Ayurvedic massages in Dubai.

It is a massage done with herbal oils that nourishes the whole body, imparts muscle tone, improves circulation, removes toxins, and leads to overall health and well-being.

Swedana is a process of inducing sweat by giving the person a medicated steam bath in a steam box. This is a cleansing-cum-stress relieving therapy that is recommended for people with ailments like asthma, arthritis, and sinusitis.

Warm medicated oil is poured over the forehead in a thin steady stream in this treatment. Shirodhara purifies the mind, reduces headaches, and alleviates anxiety.

Herablised buttermilk is poured over the forehead in a continuous stream in this treatment. This treatment is recommended for people suffering from insomnia, skin disorders, stress, and anxiety.

This is a Kerala Ayurvedic massage therapy available at The Massage Center in Dubai. Our therapists pour lukewarm medicated oils continuously on your body with simultaneous massage. This therapy relieves body pain and muscle spasms, increases immunity and prolongs lifespan, and is effective for patients suffering from diabetes, paralysis, arthritis, and rheumatic diseases.

It is a special deep tissue massage done using herbal powders. The intensity of the massage generates heat which melts the excess fat in your body. This treatment helps in weight loss and strengthening the body.

Performed by fomenting the body with a bolus of cooked rice, this ayurvedic treatment offered at The Massage Center in Dubai is very effective in treating neuromuscular disorders, treats arthritis, relieves stress, anxiety and helps the mind and body to relax.

Call us to know more about Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment in Dubai. Our therapists tie up various herbs into cloth bundles which are then dipped in warm medicated oil and then applied slowly all over the body. This therapy relieves body pains, backaches, and stiff joints. Visit our Kerala Massage Centre in Dubai if you are suffering from bone and joint conditions such as Spinal problems, arthritis, lower back pain, or spondylitis. Our treatment is very effective for all these problems.

This is an eye care treatment and rejuvenation therapy in Ayurveda. This treatment improves inner vision, brings back clarity to the eyes as impurities are removed and eye diseases are prevented.

This is an effective ancient therapy to treat back pain and to cure inflammation, stiffness, and pain in the back area. Medicated, warm oil is poured on the low back of the body in this therapy.

This is an ayurvedic treatment used to treat chronic knee pain, stiffness, inflammation, and injury of the knee. In this treatment, the knee region is circled using black gram flour dough. Lukewarm medicated oil is then poured till it fills the compartment. This area is then massaged.

The Riverday Body Massage in Dubai offers traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Massage. Call us to know more details.

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