There are so many massage techniques out there, and so how is Balinese massage different?

A tradition with a health twist

This type of massage is known for its extraordinary health benefits. History states that this was a practice of massage that had been practiced for a long. Usually, people of Balinese had massaged Newborn babies with this type of massage for well-being. The villages had a village healer who is well-skilled in a massage. In the past, this massage technique was followed only when someone’s unwell. Buy now this an internationally acclaimed practice given to tourists every year.

How did it originate?

In the early 600-800 AD, when Hinduism and Buddhism practices were brought to Indonesia via traders, it also brought along the spice route archipelago and the massage rituals. The Balinese massage centre in deira is an amalgamation of Chinese, Indonesian and Indian techniques.

It showed therapeutic properties and is quite similar to Ayurvedic massages from ancient India. Balinese massage center in sharjah follows acupressure techniques and pressure point techniques, which are believed to be derived from China.

The experience that only experts can give

Balinese isn’t painful as Thai massage in Dubai techniques or the Chinese reflexology and it produces a little impact on the body. The treatment involves acupressure, acupuncture with soothing strokes that help relax the mind and body.

What could be better? Indonesian or Balinese massage?

If you have a thing for Indonesian body massage in Dubai, Most spas ask you your preference. Both the massages have s rich history, but they may vary according to the region, style, and technique. The Balinese massage in Dubai is competitively gentler but also depends on the practitioners.

Few massage centers also accompany your massage with a flower bath. If you want a traditional Balinese massage anywhere in Dubai, call the riverday specialists.

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