One of the major health problems worldwide today is back pain. An estimated 80% of adults experience back pain where the muscles become strained, tight, torn, and inflamed causing intense pain and immobility besides, of course, the discomfort. And people with back pain find it difficult to do even simple activities like walking upstairs, sitting on a chair, or bending.

Back pain can be caused due to lifestyle factors like sedentary job conditions, sitting or sleeping in the wrong posture, obesity, heavy weight lifting during work, or biological reasons like back injuries, spinal infections, etc. Traditional treatments for back pains include putting hot packs, physical therapy, medications, injections, and in extreme cases surgery. Another treatment for back pain that is widely gaining acceptance and popularity is massage. Having a Sore Back? Call the best Massage Center in Dubai for experiencing the best massage.

How can Massage Treat Back pain?
a. A major reason for lower back pain is tight and strained muscles. During a massage, the pressure is applied to soft tissue which improves blood and lymph circulation. Muscles that lack oxygen produce lactic acid which causes them to become sore and painful. Improved blood circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles causing them to become stronger and healthier. Improved lymph circulation helps to remove waste products and toxins from the muscles.
b. A massage improves tissue elasticity and flexibility reducing the tension and tightness in them, improving the range of movement in the muscles thereby alleviating the back pain.
c. During a massage ‘stress hormone’ called cortisol is reduced in the body and more mind-boosting chemicals called endorphins are released. This reduces the anxiety and depression levels which can aid in speedy recovery.

The different techniques used in a lower back massage include kneading where muscles are pulled and squeezed, Acupressure where pressure is applied on specific points using flat hands and fingers, and wringing and cupping where back muscles are picked from either side of the back and pulled to the center.

Finding the Right Massage
The following massage therapies help to relieve back pain
a. Swedish Massage

This is a gentle massage where the therapist employs long circular strokes and kneads the outer muscle layers. This therapy enhances muscle flexibility and reduces back pain. At the Riverday best Massage Center, you can get a Swedish massage in dubai to relax the nervous system which reduces various types of pain especially back pain.

b. Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

This therapy involves applying deep pressure with the fingers or knuckles on the affected areas of the back called the trigger points. Doing so will release the pain and spasms in the muscles.

c. Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is best for people with chronic back pain. The therapist applies more force in this technique targeting the muscles and connective tissues on a deeper level. The Riverday massage center offers Deep Tissue Massage in dubai which will reduce and eliminate your back pain.

d. Shiatsu Massage

This is a Japanese style of massage where pressure is applied over the body in a rhythmic fashion. Get rid of back pain with a Shiatsu Massage at the Best Massage Center in Dubai.

Massage therapy works best when combined with other treatments like physical therapy or chiropractic massage. Riverday best massage Center in sharjah provides various massages for stress relief and back pain. Call us to find more details.

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