While we often talk about moisturizers, cleansers, lotions, and exfoliators when we are planning a facial, we miss out on a facial massage. This simple treatment has innumerable benefits. A facial massage centre in deira improves blood circulation in the facial cells thereby making them appear brighter and more youthful-looking. A few minutes of daily massage to the face can reduce wrinkles, acne, black spots, tighten the skin and make you glow. Moreover, a massage reduces stress and makes you feel relaxed and calm.

How to Give a Good Facial Massage?
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Many of us do not have time to visit a Spa to get a professional facial massage. You can however give yourself a facial massage in the comfort of your home by following the below techniques.
Before you begin the massage make sure to wash your hands properly. Then clean your face with a mild cleanser. Use a moisturizer or oil for face massage. This helps your fingers to move smoothly across your face and also leaves your face refreshed after the massage.
a. Massage your Temples and Forehead

Place your knuckles or your middle and fourth finger on your forehead and move them in a zigzag fashion up towards the hairline and then sideways from left to right across your forehead. Repeat this a couple of times.

b. Massage the Eye Area

Since the skin under the eyes is delicate be careful while massaging this part. You can position your fingers at the arch of your brows and then massage in an oval manner around your eyes. This massage can be done for a few minutes.

c. Massage the Cheeks

Place your knuckles on your cheeks near the nose bridge and move it gently with little pressure across your cheeks, towards your ears to make this area firm and lift it. Repeat this movement a couple of times.

d. Massage the Mouth Area

With your index and middle fingers of both your hands make a V-Shape and place them in such a way on your mouth area that the index finger is above the upper lip and the middle finger is below the lower lip. Not slowly massage and pull the fingers towards your ears. Repeat this massage a few times.

e. Massage the Chin Area

Place your palms below the cheekbones and massage towards the hairline.

f. Massaging your Neck
Use vertical strokes to massage the neck area from the collarbone towards your face in an upward direction.

g. Massage the Entire Outline of your Face

Place your fingers between your eyebrows and move them upwards towards the temples along the hairline. Then bring it down to the side of your face up to your jawline.

Once you are done with these steps place your palms on your face and gently press while taking a deep breath. This will help you to relax.

You can massage your face using these simple steps at home every day. You can use a massaging tool like a jade roller to make the process more effective.

A professional facial massage can be got at a Spa once a month for better results. For more details about Riverday the best body massage in Dubai, call us now.

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