Thinking about getting a facial? Is it your first one? Are you eager to book an appointment with the best Spa in Dubai but are unsure about what to expect? The following will give you an idea about what a facial is and what the treatment entails.

A facial is a multi-step skincare treatment for your face to clean and nourish it. Facials clear the pores in the skin, hydrate and rejuvenate it, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and give the face a glow. Though you are cleaning your face regularly at home, a professional facial once a month can be highly beneficial. Book an appointment at the River day best massage center in sharjah to experience our best Facial treatment to get glowing skin.
How is a Facial Performed?
Before getting into the actual process the spa’s aestheticians will first examine your skin type and check if you have any skin problems. They will also discuss with you the products you are using and take note if you have any allergies. This will help them to decide on the kind of facial treatment to be given.

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a. Cleanse

Your hair is tied up in a towel or headband and the face is thoroughly cleaned using cotton pads. Sometimes lotions, creams, or gels are also used to clean the skin. Cleansing removes the makeup if any and prepares the face for the subsequent steps.

b. Steam

Warm steam is directly applied to your face using a heated, moist towel or a machine. This steam relaxes and loosens up the facial muscles and softens the blackheads or whiteheads which need to be extracted. Steaming also increases the blood flow in the skin and hydrates it. The sweat caused by the steam clears the pores on your face.

c. Exfoliation

This is performed using exfoliation gels or peels or creams and involves removing the dead skin cells and oil. Regular exfoliation opens up the skin pores and aids in the renewal of the facial skin.

d. Extraction

Different aestheticians use different techniques and instruments to extract any pimples, blackheads, or whiteheads. It is better to get the extraction done at a professional Spa in sharjah rather than trying it at home because you might damage your skin and it could lead to infections.

Be prepared to endure some pain and discomfort in this process. No Pain, No Gain

e. Facial Massage

This is the best and most relaxing part of the entire treatment. Using an oil or lotion the aesthetician will gently massage your facial muscles to stimulate them and help you unwind.

f. Facial Mask

Next, a facial mask will be applied. The type of mask used will depend on the type of your skin. There are different types of masks like gel masks, clay masks, cream masks, and sheet masks. The mask is usually left on for 10-15 minutes and then removed with a wet cloth.

g. Application of Serum, Moisturizer

The serum is applied to treat wrinkles and address pigmentation issues. Moisturizer is applied to hydrate the skin.

Now that you know the benefits of a facial call our experts and book an appointment at Riverday the best massage center in dubai.

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