Massage therapies have been used to treat various ailments today. Just as the popularity of this therapy is rising so are the myths surrounding it. Following are the most common myths about Massages.

All Massage Therapies are the same – They only Help in Relaxation

Visit the Massage Center in Dubai to know the different types of massages offered by us. A common myth about massages is that all of them are the same and involve just applying pressure and kneading. There are, however, different types of massages with different strokes and techniques and offering different benefits. The most common types of Massages offered by Massage Centers near you are Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Aromatherapy, and Sports Massage in Dubai. Besides helping you feel relaxed, these massages can treat numerous physical and mental ailments like back pain, joint pain, digestive issues, headaches, stress, anxiety, depression.
You must first discuss with your therapist your goal or the reason why you taking a massage. It could be just to relax or relieve muscle pain; depending on this need the therapist will suggest a massage that best addresses this goal.

A Massage is a ‘Good’ one only if it leaves you Sore and in Pain

Some types of massage like a deep tissue massage involve applying more pressure on some parts of the body leaving you sore the next day. However, not being sore is also fine and it does not mean that the massage was not an effective one. Also, no massage will cause severe pain, and if it does you must communicate the same to your therapist immediately. Ultimately any massage must relax and loosen your muscles and leave you feeling relaxed and good.
Our therapists at Massage Centre in Deira are trained to make you feel relaxed and alleviate your pain.

Massages work only on the Muscles

It cannot be denied that massage therapies focus on relaxing muscle tissue. However, they also help to make the joints more flexible and reduce stress and anxiety. Massages also have a bearing on your circulatory system. They help to relieve headaches, lower blood pressure, and in injury rehabilitation. Experience many benefits with our massage sessions at Massage Center in Sharjah.

A Single Massage will ‘Fix’ All the Issues

Rome wasn’t built in one day. Healing too takes time. You cannot expect an ailment from which you have been suffering for quite some time to be cured in a single massage session. Many problems like backache or joint paints represent a cumulative effect, hence a couple of sessions will be needed before you can expect some relief.

Pregnant Women must avoid getting a Massage. They can miscarry if they do get one

It was earlier believed that massages release certain hormones which induce early labor in pregnant women. This is however not true. A massage can actually help pregnant women by decreasing the pain and aches and making them feel more comfortable. The stress hormones are also lowered after a massage session decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression in pregnant women.

The above are some of the major myths that people have about massage therapies. Also

a. No, Massages are not very expensive.
b. No, You will not have to go completely naked to get a massage
c. No, “Less is intensely not more for Body Massage”. You need to get regular massage therapies to reap the benefits. A massage must be incorporated into your fitness routine.
d. No, not everyone can give a therapeutic massage. You have to get one only from a licensed and trained massage therapist.

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