From dry uncomfortable, cracked skin to dry scalp, winters can be especially damaging to not only your skin but also your moods. You can however brave the harsh winters with Spa treatments specifically designed to beat the winter blues and make your skin soft, beautiful, and glowing once again. Check out the River day Spa and Massage Center in Dubai to get the best skin care treatment to rejuvenate your skin. The following are some ways to combat the cold winters.

Hot Chocolate Massage
A massage with hot chocolate oil is a luxurious indulgence and is one of the most attractive and preferred Spa treatments for winter. This massage is given with Mexican herbal compresses and chocolate. The fragrance from the chocolate and the cocoa in it causes the release of endorphins which stimulates the senses reduces stress and anxiety and elevates your mood. This massage is known to help with muscle cramps and improve blood circulation. Check out the Spa and Salons near you for receiving a Hot chocolate massage.

Abhayanga Therapy
This is one of the most popular massages in Ayurveda, the Indian alternative and traditional medicine system. Given warm medicated essential oils and specific strokes, this therapy relaxes and refreshes the body and is a perfect option for winters. This massage is known to cure various physical ailments like arthritis, diabetes, digestive disorders, etc Our Spa and Massage centre in Deira offers various types of massages to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Almond and Hot Milk Pedicure
This is a very popular pedicure treatment to pamper your feet, especially during winters. The foot is first soaked in steamed whole milk during which the lactic acid from the milk helps to heal and hydrate the dry and cracked patches on your foot. The milk also soothes the feet and helps you relax. Then a massage with almond oil is given. This oil not only moisturizes the skin on the feet but is also effective in treating fungal infections and preventing athlete’s foot. Get Soft and Smooth Feet with the best Pedicure treatment at Spa in Sharjah.

This is a therapeutic Ayurvedic massage that is soothing and relaxing and combines oil massage and heat treatment. Warm medicated oil is squeezed all over the head and body in a steady manner. This is followed by a full body massage. The Winter season aggravates problems like arthritis, sinusitis, and bronchitis. Pizhichil is especially useful in relieving muscular and joint stiffness, alleviating symptoms of asthma, improving blood circulation, enhancing skin complexion and texture, and treating chronic body pain. We offer different kinds of Massages at our Massage Center in Sharjah that will help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Cinnamon Honey Body Scrub
Mix ground cinnamon, honey, sugar, and some coconut oil and you have a wonderful body scrub to combat the harsh effects of winter on your delicate skin. Honey is antibacterial, has antioxidants, and is a hydrating moisturizer so it keeps the skin moist which is much needed in the winters. Cinnamon improves the flow of blood. The coconut oil helps the skin to feel soft and smooth. Together these ingredients moisturize the skin and provide it with other nutrients. Want to pamper your skin? Try our various Scrub and Body wrap treatments at our Spa and Salon Center in Dubai.

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