A Massage! A friend suggested this therapy for your weekend and you have checked the internet to find the Best Spas and Massage Centers around Dubai. You want to get a Massage at the Massage Center in Deira. You have booked an appointment and are all set for an hour of just laying back and relaxing. This being your first massage you are unsure about what to expect.

The following can help.
What to Expect At your First Massage Appointment?

Before you go to your first appointment there are some do’s and don’ts which you have to bear in mind.
a. Arrive a little early before your scheduled appointment time.
b. Fix an appointment in such a way that you do not have any other major work commitments after the massage. The massage does not end with the therapy session. You need to relax and unwind after the session.
c. Take a shower, Drink water, Use the restroom
d. DO not eat a very heavy meal
e. Wear loose comfortable clothes

So, you have finally arrived at the Riverday the best Massage Center in Sharjah Here’s what you can Expect!!!

1. Filling Paperwork: This will include your name, contact details, and your health history, and your goals from the massage. The health history is crucial information about any illnesses you may be suffering from, any medicines you are regularly taking, and any recent injuries. This will enable the therapist to chalk out a suitable treatment plan for you.

2. Talk to your Therapist: Be Sure to communicate to your therapist what exactly you are looking for, i.e., you just want to relax or you have a specific problem that needs to be addressed, how much pressure you are comfortable with. Our Best massage services in Egmore offer relief from stress, body pain, anxiety, and any other ailments you may be suffering from

3. Know the different kinds of massages offered by the Riverday Spa and Body Massage in Dubai. These massages have different strokes, techniques and offer different benefits. For instance, a Swedish massage in dubai involves soft gliding strokes and is primarily given for relaxation. In a deep tissue massage, more pressure is applied and is used to treat chronic pain and muscle knots.

4. You will be directed to a massage room and asked to undress according to your comfort level. The therapist will leave the room while you are changing. You will never be forced to undress completely. Take off only as much as you are comfortable with. You will lie on a massage table under sheets or towels and only that part that is to be massaged will be exposed.

5. Some Spas may play music or use scented candles to make the ambiance more soothing.

6. Some massages may require essential oils or lotions and if you are allergic to them be sure to tell the therapist about it.

7. Communication is the key during the massage session. Tell the therapist if you are feeling intense pain.

8. The sessions usually last for an hour to 90 minutes after which the therapist leaves the room and you can get dressed.

What Happens After the Massage?

a. You have just had an intense massage session involving kneading the muscles and applying pressure on some points. It’s perfectly OK to feel sore or a little dizzy after the session.
b. You can discuss with the therapist if you need more massage sessions.
c. Once you reach home remember to drink lots of water. Shower in warm water after an hour, eat a light snack, and just relax and unwind by watching TV or reading. And do not forget to book the next appointment with the best Spa and massage Center in Dubai

Call us to book your next massage session at Riverday best Spa and massage session in Dubai.

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