Massage therapy has been gaining popularity over the years due to the wide range of benefits it offers. Today, massage therapy is being suggested to treat many physical and mental ailments and to improve the overall health and well-being of individuals. Although a massage is today viewed as a treatment option for physical and emotional illnesses, many people visit a massage center to relieve their stress and relax and to reduce pain in the muscles. The therapists at the Spa and Massage Centres use specialized techniques and strokes that relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. We offer various massage techniques to rejuvenate your body and mind. Call the best Massage Center in Deira
The commonly used massage strokes are
a. Effleurage

This is the basic and most common stroke used in various kinds of massages like Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage,Balinese Massage in Dubai, etc. The therapist first applies oil or lotion on your body and then uses his palms, knuckles, or forearms to make long smooth, gliding, sliding, and sweeping strokes. Usually, less pressure is applied in this technique. Effleurage is primarily aimed at your relaxation and reduce stress. It also improves blood circulation in the muscles. This technique is usually performed on the arms, back, thigh, and calf muscles. Get a Swedish massage at the best Massage Centre in Dubai

b. Petrissage

Petrissage means ‘to knead’, the therapist uses his hands and fingers to lift, squeeze, knead, roll and squeeze the muscle tissues. More pressure is applied in this technique to lift the skin and the underlying tissues. These strokes are used to ease muscle tension, reduce pain in the muscles and improve their flexibility. If you have pain or chronic muscle problem our deep tissue massage cure it. Book an appointment at Best Massage Centre in Sharjah.

c. Friction

The therapist uses his fingertips and thumbs and using more pressure performs forward and backward movement on the muscle. The warmth generated by this frictional movement helps to heal muscle pain and soreness. A friction massage is used to treat injuries.

d. Vibration

The therapist uses his hands and fingers to shake and vibrate the body. The tissues of the body are pressed and released to create a vibrating movement. This stroke relieves fatigue and pain and eases tight muscles.

e. Tapotement

As the name suggests this technique involves tapping, pounding, and patting the muscles in a rhythmic fashion. The therapist uses his fist and cupped hands for performing these strokes. This stroke helps to rejuvenate the tired muscles and stimulating and toning an area.

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