Winter is commonly associated with swelling of the joints causing pain and discomfort. Who will approach a Physiotherapist or a Massage Therapist? Who can provide better relief? Both these methods of healing appear to be the same as both physiotherapy and massage therapy help to alleviate pain, promote the overall health and well-being of an individual. Are there any differences between the two? 

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a. Physiotherapy is a medical profession and this treatment can be given by graduate degree holders in physiotherapy. Massage is an alternative medicine system and one needs a certification or license to become a massage therapist, not a degree. Our therapists in Massage Center in Deira are experienced and will help you unwind and relax with a unique experience.

b. There are differences in the mode of assessment of a patient too. A physiotherapist makes a complete assessment of your health condition and your pain. He will examine your joints and muscles and then chalk out a treatment plan which primarily consists of exercises for strengthening the joints and muscles or treatment using equipment

A massage therapist primarily focuses on issues you have been facing of late. There is no much assessment or diagnosis involves. The therapist does not delve much into your health history except if you are facing any serious health conditions. The therapist will check why you need the massage and use an appropriate technique.

c. The treatment options in physiotherapy include exercises, manual therapy techniques, shockwave therapy, dry needling, etc which help to mitigate pain and improve mobility.
Massage therapists use oils/creams or lotions and manipulate muscles and tissues using techniques like kneading, gliding, applying pressure, vibrations, stretching, etc. There is no use of any medical equipment or a gadget in massage therapy. The most common type of massage is Swedish massage in dubai, Deep tissue massage, etc. Visit the massage Center in Sharjah. We offer different types of massages that help in pain relief and relaxation.

d. Physiotherapy aims at improving or rehabilitating muscle and joint function. It is effective in treating arthritis, back and neck injuries, sprains, and fractures and for rehabilitation against any injury.

A massage is very effective in reducing muscle stiffness and decreasing muscle spasms. Besides providing relief from body pains, massage therapy can improve blood circulation, increase immunity and also reduce anxiety and depression. People generally get massage in sharjah for stress management and to relax.

e. Physiotherapy is usually given as part of rehabilitation to manage many critical diseases, while massage therapy promotes overall health and wellbeing.

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