Summers can be really a hard time for the skin. The heat, pollution, and humidity can take a toll on the skin resulting in redness, rashes, or blisters. We offer the best skin care treatment for glowing skin at the Best Spa in Dubai.
The following are some tips to tackle your skincare issues
a. Cleansing

This is the basic skincare routine that needs to be followed strictly in all seasons especially during summers. The hot and humid climate in the summers makes your face produce more oil. The oil along with the sweat can cause the pores in the skin to get clogged leading to acne and other problems. Hence a proper cleanser must be used and ensure to wash your face 2 or 3 times a day to feel refreshed. This will wash away the dry and dead cells and will also clean the pores.

b. Exfoliation

Summertime means dry and dull skin. It is also the time for itchy skin and sunburns. Exfoliating the facial skin is very crucial to remove the dry and dead cells and clear the pores. This enables your skin to better absorb moisture and stay hydrated. The skin will feel rejuvenated and glow. You can use natural home remedies like fresh ground coffee with yogurt or a scrub made of lemon, honey, and sugar as exfoliants. A natural salt scrub can also be used for this purpose. Experience the best body scrubs and Spas at the Spa and body massage in Sharjah.

c. Hydration

Drink plenty of water and use a non-greasy lightweight moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated to beat the dry and hot summer days. Experience the best body wraps to rejuvenate and moisturize your skin at the best Spa and Salon services in Dubai.

d. Protection

Too much aeration to the environment to the sun can be enormously harmful. From tanning to premature aging, a lot of issues arise due to overexposure to the UV rays of the sun. In such cases protecting the skin and other parts of the face and body become extremely important. Always apply sunscreen irrespective of the nature of your skin. Various types of facials available at the Spa and spa massage in Dubai can hydrate and nourish your skin and keep it glowing.

Always wear a lip balm to prevent your lips from getting dry. Wear sunglasses to guard the delicate skin below your eyes. And wash your eyes with cold water if you feel a burning sensation.

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