A common question asked by everyone while booking an appointment for a massage at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Dubai is ‘Will it hurt?’ The answer is a ‘Yes’ especially for a deep tissue massage in dubai, it is normal to experience some soreness and body aches for a few hours to a couple of days post the massage. A sports massage and remedial massage are other massages where you may experience some pain or soreness. The question, however, is why does a massage make you feel sore when it is supposed to give you relief from pain?

Why does it Pain after a Deep Tissue Massage?

While giving a deep tissue massage at the Kerala Massage Centre in Dubai the therapist works on your soft tissues to break down the adhesions and knots to restore the muscles to their original functional state. Firm pressure needs to be applied to twisted muscle groups and tissues to unwind and relax them. In case of injuries or chronic issues, the therapist uses deep strokes or friction techniques where you might experience pain or discomfort. This is often referred to as ‘good pain’ where you might experience some pain and discomfort when knots or adhesions in the muscles are worked upon. Since the therapist stretches and manipulates your muscles, naturally, they feel tender for some time. However, there is relief later and you will find that your muscles are more relaxed and functioning and that is why this kind of massage is therapeutic. After a couple of hours, you will certainly feel refreshed and rejuvenated as the tension in the muscles ease.

‘No Pain, No Gain’ is certainly not the dictum for a massage. The therapists at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Sharjah are trained to know how much pain each client can tolerate. They also know that using too much pressure in a deep tissue massage can actually be counter-productive and cause more trauma and bruising. The therapists at the Best Massage Center in Sharjah are trained to find the sore spots in your body and use the appropriate amount of pressure to give you relief.

Also, if you are not able to endure the pain during the massage, you must speak up and tell the therapist so that they can use less pressure.

Dealing with the Soreness after a Deep Tissue Massage
a. Stay Hydrated. Drink plenty of water before and after the massage. Hydrated muscles are healthy muscles.
b. A warm bath with Epsom Salt can provide relief from the post-massage soreness.

Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage
Is all the pain being endured during a deep tissue massage actually worth it? The answer is a certain YES. The following are the benefits of a deep tissue massage at the Best Spa and Massage Centre in Deira.
a. Helps to treat chronic back and neck pain
b. Releases muscle tightness and tension and improves muscle flexibility. Hence very useful for athletes
c. Breaks muscle knots and scar tissue
d. Relieves Stress

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