Reflexology is a type of massage in which the therapist applies to specific points in the feet and hands. This massage is based on the theory that the specific parts or points are connected to certain body systems and organs. So, when the specific point in the feet is massaged it has a healing effect on the corresponding body part. The best Massage Centre in Dubai offers many Massage that alleviates pain and helps you relax.

Benefits of Reflexology:

a. Promotes Relaxation

Reflexology improves the mood, reduces stress, and induces peace and relaxation in the body and mind. Reflexology is very helpful for people with sleep disorders. In these patients, reflexology reduces stress and makes their minds more relaxed. This helps to restore the sleep pattern.

b. Stimulates the Nervous System

Reflexology benefits the central nervous system in many ways. The brain works faster and more efficiently. Reflexology helps the brain to handle inputs more effectively and increases the speed at which the brain handles reflexes. This boosts the memory.

c. Relief from Migraines and Headaches

Reflexology improves blood circulation in the brain and relieves muscle tension. This reduces stress-induced headaches and migraines.

d. Revitalizes the Nerve Functions

According to a study, a 1-hr session of reflexology can stimulate more than 7000 nerve endings. This improves the functionality of the nerves and reduces the toxicity in the body.

e. Improves Blood Circulation

The primary benefit of the reflexology is that it improves the circulation of blood throughout the body. This means more oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the body which improves body functioning and metabolism.

f. Increases Energy Levels

By helping the muscles and organs function better, reflexology helps to re-energize the body and mind.

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Does Reflexology Differ From Podiatry?

Podiatry is the treatment of disorders of the foot. A podiatrist is thus a specialist who is trained in the medical treatment of the diseases and injuries that affect the foot. The podiatrist is eligible to prescribe medications, reset the bones in the foot and also perform foot surgery according to the foot condition.
A podiatrist, therefore, treats conditions like foot fractures, joint pain, Hammertoe, nail disorders, and fungus in the foot.

A reflexologist can also help to provide relief from foot pain but the approach is different. This is an alternative to the traditional methods and taking medication to get rid of the pain. The reflexologist applies pressure on certain points on the foot where it is painful or massages that part of the foot that corresponds to a painful area. Get relief from pain with a Full Body and Deep Tissue massage at the Best Body Massage in Sharjah.

Following a foot surgery or a foot procedure done by a podiatrist, a reflexologist can help in faster rehabilitation. Reflexology improves blood circulation in the affected part of the foot thereby helping in faster healing. The massage eliminates joint stiffness, stimulates the nerves, and reduces the pain. Thus we can conclude that reflexology can complement podiatry.

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