Trigger points, also called muscle knots, are those areas where the muscles have become tight and tensed. These areas are sensitive and accompanied by sharp, intense pain or spasm or there is a generalized ache in the particular area. The aching and stiffness spread to the surrounding area of the trigger point too. The tight muscles reduce the blood supply to that particular area of the body making the condition worse. Check out the Deep Tissue Massage in the Best Massage and Spa in Dubai for providing relief from trigger points.

Symptoms of Trigger Points
a. Sore and Painful points mainly in the muscles. There is also numbness, tingling, and joint pain.
b. Nagging pain in the muscles
c. Pain occurs in particular points
d. Hands and legs with trigger points feel heavy and stiff
e. Pain begins to spread
f. Pain can sometimes be for extended periods like months and weeks
Trigger points occur due to muscle overuse, trauma to the muscle, or psychological stress. Conditions like sciatica, low back pain, and frozen shoulder usually have trigger points. The trigger points are usually formed during repetitive activity. For instance, typing on the keyboard for a long time or playing tennis. When the same activity is done continuously for a long time tight spots develop in the muscles causing tingling, discomfort, and pain.

Trigger points can be caused due to
a. Poor posture
b. Sitting in an awkward position for a long time
c. Lack of exercise or movement
d. Any injury to the musculoskeletal system
e. Obesity
f. Intense cooling of the muscles when sitting or sleeping for prolonged periods before the Air Cooler.

There are different types of trigger points

    a. Active Trigger Points

These trigger points have tense muscle fibers and are a source of muscular pain. These points are very tender and cause a twitch when they are touched.

    b. Passive or Latent Trigger Points

These points are dormant, i.e., they do not cause any pain when touched. Any stress or trauma causes these points to become active and cause pain.

    c. Secondary Trigger Point

A painful point in a muscle becomes active when another muscle becomes stressed.

    d. Satellite Trigger Point

A painful point that becomes active because it is located near another trigger point.

Trigger Point Therapy

One of the best treatments to get relief from sore and painful points is trigger point massage or therapy. Since the treatment is non-invasive and can be tolerated by everyone, a massage is the best cure for sore and painful muscle knots. Check out the various massages offered by the Best Spa in Sharjah and Massage Center in Sharjah to get relief from pain and stress.

The therapist works on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, especially on the trigger points. He applies various levels of pressure on the muscle knots and then stretches the affected areas. A trigger point massage can be uncomfortable and painful unlike a regular massage because the therapist is applying direct pressure on the trigger points. It is better to tell the therapist in case the pain is unbearable. However, you will get relief from the pain later.

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