Massages at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Sharjah can make you feel better both physically and mentally. Following are some instances where massage therapy can be of immense help.

a. Acute Pain

When people suffer from an injury, surgery, or muscular tension they might experience sharp pain or shooting pain. In case of an injury the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves may get damaged causing severe pain. Post-surgery there is usually scarring, muscular tension, and build-up of metabolic waste. The pain in these cases results in stress and anxiety. A massage can help to alleviate the acute pain by
• Acute pain is generally caused when the muscles become tight. A Swedish massage at the Best Spa and Massage Centre in Deira eases the muscles, increases their flexibility and elasticity, improves their range of movement, and alleviates the pain.
• A massage at the Best Spa and Swedish Massage in Dubai increases blood and lymph flow to the site of injury. This provides oxygen and nutrients to the injured muscles, removes the metabolic wastes from them, and thereby helps the muscles to heal faster.
• Post-surgery, the lymphatic system is usually blocked causing metabolic wastes to get piled up leading to pain. A massage increases lymph flow, flushes out the waste, and decreases pain.

Massages that can help alleviate acute pain include
• Swedish Massage
• Therapeutic Massage
• Soft Tissue Mobilization

b. Post-Injury

Injury rehabilitation is one of the important benefits of a massage. Massage can aid in faster recovery from different types of injuries like sprains, strains, broken bones, or muscle tears. A massage can help in faster recovery from injury in the following ways
• After an injury the muscles become tight and there are restrictions in the fascia. A massage increases the temperature in the tissues causing the muscles to loosen and become flexible. Massage also improves blood and lymph flow to the injured muscles which helps to repair the damaged cells thereby speeding up the recovery.
• During an injury, our body produces more collagen to protect and strengthen the site of injury. This collagen is tough and is in the direction across the muscle fibers. The hardened collagen appears as scars that could aggravate to increase the pain. A massage can help to loosen, break and realign the collagen fibers which reduces scarring. Reduced scarring decreases pain and tightness after the injury.
Massages that are beneficial after an injury include
• Swedish Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage
• Remedial Massage
• Sports Massage

The best Spa and Massage Centre in Dubai offers Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage in dubai to help relieve pain in the back, neck, shoulders.

c. Preparing for a Sporting Event

While preparing for an event, the focus is to increase fitness, make the muscles supple, lose weight and alleviate any stress. While preparing for an event there is a chance that the muscles become overworked, tensed, and tight thereby increasing any chance of injury in them. While preparing for an event, a massage can help in the following ways.
• Due to the high workload put on the muscles while training for an event they tend to become tight, fatigued, and weakened. This restricts the movements in the muscles thereby decreasing the athlete’s performance levels. Muscle pulls and tears are also very common in such conditions. A massage can help in such conditions by increasing the blood flow and nutrients to the muscles. This loosens the muscles and makes them more flexible and elastic. The range of movement of the muscles is increased and the athlete’s performance is substantially improved.
• By improving blood and lymph flow a massage helps to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.
• Regular massage while preparing for an event can help to prevent injuries.
• A massage can also help an athlete relax physically and mentally before an event. By reducing muscle tightness and by reducing the stress hormone cortisol, a massage can help an athlete relax and be fit for the Big Day.

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