Facial massages are today gaining popularity as more people are recognizing the increasing benefits of this kind of massage. Just as a massage to the body involves manipulating the muscles and offers several benefits like alleviating pain and stress and promoting relaxation and general well-being a massage of the facial muscles also offers numerous benefits. Pamper your skin and feel rejuvenated with a facial treatment at the Best Spa and Massage Centre in Deira.

Benefits of a Facial Massage
a. Improves the overall appearance of the face by toning the facial muscles, reducing tension, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging.
b. Promotes blood circulation in the face and reduces the appearance of acne, blackheads, whiteheads
c. Stimulating the facial muscles tightens the skin and leaves it bright and glowing
d. Facial massage increases blood flow, flushes out the toxins from the skin, and makes the skin fresh and clean

Types of Facial Massages

a. Classic Facial Massage

This is the common type of massage given at most of the Spa and Body Massage in Sharjah. A classic facial massage includes techniques like kneading, deep stroking, tapping, and pinching. Lotions rich in Vitamin c, Hyaluronic Acid are used for the massage. A classic facial massage improves blood circulation to the face, removes dead cells from the face, soothes and relaxes the muscles, and thereby the face becomes brighter. This massage promotes the creation of collagen which reduces signs of aging.

b. Lymphatic Massage

A lymph is a liquid present in the body and it originates in our blood. This liquid circulates in the lymphatic system and is responsible for fighting against infection, filtering out toxic substances, and keep you in good health. The lymph is present in lymph nodes and we have hundreds of these nodes in our body. These nodes are present even in the face in places like behind the ears and under the jaws.

Lymphatic massage is very beneficial in removing the puffiness of facial bloating. This massage boosts the circulation of lymph which reduces water retention in the face and relieves puffiness.

c. Acupressure Massage

People who want to relax after a long day and whose eyes are tired looking can really benefit from this massage. The acupressure points on the face are along the energy lines. Such points are on the eyebrows, on either side of the nose, on the side of the cheekbones, and on the jawbones. Pressure is applied on these points to relieve stress and tension, to reduce headache, and to reduce wrinkles on the face. Get a Facial Massage at the Best Massage Centre in Dubai to help you unwind and restore your skin’s tone.
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