Massage is one of the essential sections of a spa menu. It is a type of healing treatment for people who are prone to physical and emotional health problems. Massage therapy helps you deal with an assortment of health issues while relieving you from stress. We at Riverday Dubai, the best massage centre in Dubai offer you a series of massage techniques for varied health issues.

What is massage therapy?

Massage is kneading, stroking and pressing the muscles, joints of the body for rendering relaxation and healing the body pains.

There are different types of massages. Each massage speaks with a unique voice and aims. Some massages soothe muscle pain the others focus to relax the body from stress and painful joints. However not all the massages have common aim, some of massages aim to boost energy levels of a specific physical condition and others are to help you to relax.

Massages make you energetic and churn out positive vibrations on your whole body.
Your muscles, your bones, your skin everything feels great with a massage.
At Riverday Dubai, the spa in Dubai we give you an assurance of giving you an experience worth revisiting again and again.

Massage works in different ways:

  1. It makes you feel pleasant and relax from exhausted muscles.
  2. It increases the blood circulation throughout body.
  3. It stimulates your body insides to generate endorphins, a natural body chemical, that feels you happy.

Health benefits of massage:

Therapeutic massage helps you to heal a wide range of body complaints. Researchers explain that this massage therapy is to reduce stress related problems and also rein the blood pressure, asthma and constipation related issues. This massage relieves you from anxiety and panic attacks.

The people undertake this massage who are suffering with stroke and cancer diseases and people with dementia.

The main intent of this massage is to increase the blood flow that reaches throughout your organs.

Whilst massage exhorts to discard “Bad stuff” such as toxins, waste products and excess water etc, it also encourages the good stuff that circulates the total body. It helps you to boost the immune system by the lymphatic system.

Before you go:

Massages are a lot, You will have to determine what kind of massage you are having. Things depend on the type of massage, For instance you should dress loose clothes while you undertake massages, some massages just towel is enough.


Before any massage therapy, Don’t go with alcohol, Ban heavy meals before night and drink water to your ability.

Don’t hide any of your health problems before therapist, If you

  1. Had any injuries or operations recently.
  2. Are you think you might be pregnant.
  3. Any skin allergies or infections
  4. Have any sores on your skin
  5. Are continuing with any medication.

What to expect:
Whatever the massage you choose the therapist asks you some primitive questions about your health, lifestyle and medical history.

Not all messages are having the same style, The therapist strokes you with a bare hand, if needed kneading your body with their barefoot or elbows. The pressure varies on the type of massage. The therapist applies the massage oil to the whole body for gliding their hands across your body.

The sessions depend on the type of massage you choose from. Some treatments continue half an hour the others can last until half day. Depending on the massage type, you are being massaged.


After the massage completes your body seeks to relax and calm. Sometimes you could experience little aches and may feel sleepy or a bit vague. On the other side the massages make you feel energised.

Book an appointment with Riverday spa massage in Dubai to embark on a journey of positive health.

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