The Healing Power of a massage has already been established. Besides allowing you to instantly relax, a massage at the Best Spa and Massage Centre in Dubai gives the following benefits
a. Eases Pain and Swelling
b. Promotes Circulation of Blood and Lymph
c. Reduces Stress and Anxiety
d. Loosens Muscles and Increases Muscle Elasticity, Flexibility, and Range of Movement of the Joints

Besides the above, a massage is shown to improve our body’s immune system. Our body’s immune system is made of various cells, proteins, and organs. This system plays a very vital role. The immune system is our body’s natural defense system and it protects the body from harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Without the immune system, our body will lose its ability to fight against harmful things entering our body and we will fall sick.
The Lymphatic System in our body is made of the bone marrow, spleen, thymus, and lymph nodes.
The bone marrow produces the leukocytes or the white blood cells. The spleen contains white blood cells. The leukocytes play a very important role in defending the body against germs, bacteria, and viruses.
The thymus is a gland just below the neck where the T-cells mature. The T-cells destroy cancerous cells.

How a Massage Can Benefit the Immune System?
According to research receiving regular massages help to boost our immune system and flush toxins. A massage increases the activity of the white blood cells and decreases the activity of the T-cells which improves the functioning of the immune system.
It is also established that a massage increases the number of lymphocytes or white blood cells which defends the body against diseases.
A massage also brings about hormonal changes. Receiving a massage lowers the levels of cytokines which are substances playing a key role in inflammation. Lower levels of inflammation ward off diseases like asthma, depression, and cardiovascular diseases. Massage also lowers the stress hormone cortisol and increases the happy hormones called endorphins.

Types of Massages Boosting the Immune System

a. Swedish Massage

The Best Spa and Massage Centre in Deira offers Swedish Massage which promotes relaxation and alleviates stress. The long strokes and the soft, kneading motions given in a Swedish massage in Dubai improves the circulation of blood and lymph in the body. Lymph is a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells. It has also been found that a Swedish massage also increases the number of lymphocytes in the body. Lymphocytes help the immune system defend the body against harmful substances.

b. Lymphatic Massage

A lymphatic drainage massage is another effective massage therapy that promotes the movement of lymph in the body. The lymphatic system helps to balance the body fluids and defends the body against infections. This massage also improves the blood circulation in the body which transports the disease-fighting white blood cells. Better circulation of lymph and blood builds the immunity of the body.
A body massage at the Best Spa Massage in Dubai works on the lymphatic system which transports lymph in the body and builds immunity.

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