Ayurvedic massage is an ancient practice that dates back centuries but is still considered one of the most effective types of therapeutic treatment. Though Ayurvedic massage has an Indian Origin, there are several staunch believers of it around the world. Want to know more about the benefits of Ayurvedic Massages? Read on:

Ayurvedic Massage Benefits:

Abyanga is one with the Panch Karma, a detox and a Preoperative massage therapy that’s used as a standard protocol for the management of several disease conditions. Usually, Abhyanga is performed with Sesame oils or other herbal oils and displays several benefits such as:

  1. Reduces Heart rate, Blood pressure and improves blood flow

There was a pilot study conducted on the effects of massage on the subjective stress experience. The study revealed that the massage had displayed a high statistical reduction in stress. Consequent Analysis of Blood Pressure revealed an overall reduction, however, only in the pre-hypertension subjective group. Overall, Abyanga Ayurvedic massage is proved to be a promising technique in reducing subjective stress experience and is also a contributing factor in reducing Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. We at Riverday spa in Dubai offer you a highly relaxing massage session that promotes a healthy life.

  1. Reduces the burning sensation in the Diabetic Neuropathy Patients
    In another study of Diabetic Neuropathy, there was an Ayurvedic massage session done for 14 days for 20 minutes to study the effect of massage on the burning sensation of the patients. Studies revealed that there was a noticeable and significant difference after massage. However, 80 percent claim that the sensation returned after the 60th day, although, lesser than the first day.
  2. Relieving pain in Osteoarthritis
    Massaging knee joint with warm sesame oil for patients suffering from Osteoarthritis showed a significant reduction in pain score and is proved to be an effective treatment.
  3. Lowering in Anxiety levels in Pregnant Woman
    There was a pilot study of 84 pregnant women, with one section belonging to the third trimester and another group of a non-depressed group at the end of their pregnancy, who were randomly assigned with massage therapy. The pregnant women in the two groups were given a 20-minute therapy session on the same schedule. Immediately after the massage in the 16-week time period, pregnant women in the depressed category experienced lower anxiety levels and less pain and their levels were equal to the depressed category, thus confirming that a massage and offspring can greatly benefit from a massage.
  4. Relief in Chronic pain
    A massage proved to have shown great results for treating chronic back pain, benefits lasting for 6 months.
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