Everytime I check my face infront my mirror, I think how to maintain a spotless face without any blemishes, spots or any excess oil on face.

Usually people spend a lot of time and money to take treatments, applying natural remedies themselves for maintaining a clear face. You may be one among them. A facial massage could be the best solution to all your beauty concerns.

Facial massage is a therapy that can be done on our own or by a practitioner. This technique involves relaxing the pressure points on the face.

Usually people apply lotions, oils, or face roller to their faces for getting soft and elegant skin. The prime motive of beauty treatments is to increase the collagen production. It helps you to reduce wrinkles on the face and instil young looking skin.

Benefits of a facial massage:

  1. Reduce the black spots over the face.
  2. Gives muscle relaxation in the face.
  3. Removes dead skin cells.
  4. Aids to restore collagen production.

Facial massage improves shine of the skin because it buried dead cells layers of the skin and also it gives relief from muscle tensions. The rejuvenation and cellular activity stimulate tightening of the skin and reduce the wrinkles and expression lines on face. We at Riverday offer the best expert massage centre in Dubai that shows you immediate results.

What you expect from facial massage:

First, the therapist cleans your face with natural oils. Then they fondle the muscle tensions point around the face with their fingers. While you are being massaged sometimes you get into trance. You can be assured that you can easily notice the difference of changed skin before the end of the treatment. We at Riverday spa and massage centre in Deira assure you guaranteed results as our services speak for themselves.

Home massage:

Home massage doesn’t require to buy any particular product. You Just need to dab clean your face. You can do this massage even in your home.

 1. Make your hands clean:

Make sure to maintain your hands clean so the bacteria don’t transfer to cleansed complexion.

2. Use oil/lotion:

No one wants their skin to be pulled or dragged. A small amount of oil makes your fingers move smoothly around your face. It reaches inside of your skin layers to remove toxins.

3. Use gentle pressure:

Instead of rubbing the surface of the skin, apply a gentle pressure to massage your muscles beneath your skin. Remember don’t apply more pressure because a facial massage is not a deep tissue massage.

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