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Shanaz Normal

Do you have normal skin? We have a facial for you specially designed by Beautician Shanaz Hussain.

River day Spa – Shanaz Normal skin treatment is for every woman who wants a soft and radiant skin. We use 24ct anti-aging exfoliating scrub, gel for skin radiance, a moisturizing lotion, and an organic mask for bringing out the glow in you.

The Shanaz normal skin facial removes all the dust and dirt on your skin, clears off all excess oil to give you a fresh, clean look. River day Spa offers you this Shanaz normal facial in dubai for following on a routine basis to keep your skin smooth, soft, and gentle. Mark our Shanaz normal skin facial in your skincare routine every month and enjoy a long-lasting glowing skin.

Shanaz Normal Facial for the Exceptional You- River day Spa

Shanaz normal facial in dubai
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