How Balinese message outstands from the others?

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There are so many massage techniques out there, and so how is Balinese massage different? A tradition with a health twist This type of massage is known for its extraordinary health benefits. History states that this was a practice of massage that had been practiced for a long. Usually, people of Balinese had massaged Newborn […]

Why is couples massage a perfect gift for valentines day?

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Heard of a couple’s massage therapy? Well, this is a popular type of massage technique that can be a great way to enhance mental, physical, and your relationship! Many choose this type of massage as a part of a day of romance with a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend! This has become a popular way of […]

Advantages of Thai Massage

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Contrary to its name, Thai massage has its origin in India. This ancient healing method, influenced by both the traditional Indian and Chinese medicines, has been practiced for over 2500 years! Unlike other massage techniques, Thai Massage is a mix of massage and movement of the person’s body in various yoga-like positions like stretching, rocking, […]

All that you need to know about the best Thai Massage services in Dubai

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Thai massage is a traditional therapeutic treatment that is being practiced in Thailand for several centuries. The legendary physician Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha (Shivago Kompara), often referred to as the Father Doctor by Thai healers and considered to be the inventor of Thai traditional medicine, is believed to have founded the Thai massage more than 2500 […]

What Is a Sports Massage?

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You don’t have to be an athlete to get a sports massage. Sports massage was found to support athletes get their body all set for the optimal race, rejuvenate after a stressful event or to be active while taking training sessions. But, contrary to the name, you needn’t be a sport’s person to get a […]

Which Massage Can Help You to Get Relieved From Body Pain?

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Massage therapy is one of the ancient practices used for promoting wellness. The use of massage as a health-promotion process has been mentioned centuries ago. The manipulation of the body’s soft tissue Massage for alleviating pain and improving general health dates back to time immemorial. The primary goal of this age-old natural treatment is to […]

How Therapeutic Massage Can Assist in Reducing Chronic Headaches

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It has been proven the world over that massage therapy helps people suffering from various types of headaches to better manage their pain. The number of people who have chronic headaches has been increasing in the modern world. Massage therapy provided by qualified professionals at the best spa in Dubai is one of the effective […]

Why Regular Massage Is Essential For Busy Lifestyle

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Amid the busy activities and hectic lifestyle, it is essential that we squeeze in some personal time to relax and de-stress. While it is great to lead an active and tightly-scheduled life, one must always remember to unwind and refresh frequently. Especially when you are in Dubai—the most populous and lively city in the UAE, […]

Why Book Regular Facial Appointment in Salon near me?

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A regular facial is a must custom skin care maintenance strategy to be followed by everyone. However how often you must book your facial appointment by checking out on “Spas near me” depends on various aspects. Let’s run through the imagination of facial at the best spa in Dubai or the best salon in Dubai […]